Friday, September 16, 2011

Wilson Family Reunion

 Back in the middle of August the kids and I headed to Mack's Inn, Idaho for a Wilson Family Reunion. Eric had to stay home and study for his National Board Test (which he took one week ago!).  All of my siblings were able to come except for my oldest brother, Tom and his family.  

It is a tradition for the babies to take baths in the cabin sink.  We have pictures of each one of our kids and my parents have them of each of us growing up.  Jared barely fit...
 Travis fell off the big swing and landed on his cheek/eye.  He had a good black eye the rest of the week.
 Jared loving the hot tub with Sara.
 Aubree and her buds.  I never see much of Aubree when she is with her cousins.  
Trav trying to catch some minnows. 
 Tanner LOVED playing in the dirt.  He and Taylor made a lot of mud soup.  Tanner was especially in heaven at the cabin.
 Travis seems to be pretty happy with his baseball sized marshmallows.
The kids swam in the hot tub a couple times a day. 
 We visited Big Springs and the kids were all looking at the huge fish that live there under the bridge.
Pictures with cousins at Johnny Sack's Cabin. 
 We love Leah and Claire!
 Playing Little Old Lady with the Stick and the Staff outside the cabin.
We floated the river a few times.  By the time we made it to our dock, the blue boat I was in, was almost completely flat and I ended up sitting in water up to my chest.
 Tanner leading the boys on their "rocket ships."
 Big family picture (without Eric, my brother Tom and his family, and Amy's husband Kirk)
 Wilson Family (Steve did that in every picture)
 My parent's with 14 of their 17 grandkids.  We told our family on this vacation that we would be adding number 18.
 My Dad took all the kids fishing and I only got pictures of Aubs.  She is showing me how many fish she'd caught (four).
Claire and Aubree with their catches.

We had a lot of fun making memories and spending time with our family.  I am grateful for the time and money my parents spent, so we could have such a great time.

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