Friday, June 29, 2012

12 Weeks

 Our little Brady boy is 12 weeks old today.  I am going to try more small updates, so I don't end up doing a huge catch-up with a hundred pictures.  Hopefully this will help me write more of the little things I want to document about the kids.
 Brady weighs almost 14lbs how.  He is a good baby and happy as long as all of his needs are met.  If those needs aren't, he can be feisty.  
 Brady has started to smile all of the time and is almost laughing.  The kids all love taking turns getting him to smile at them.
We can't get enough of this boy.  I love snuggling him and kissing him all day.  

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Panther Pride Award

This is going to be a big time catch up post with tons of pictures.  I have the best of intentions to do better updates, but that hasn't started happening yet.  Hopefully, this summer I will do better.  
We take advantage of every day that it is over 70 degrees here.
Brady is almost 3 months old now.  He is getting so much more interactive and has the cutest smile.
Travis is still coloring or drawing at all times.  Notice the crayon, pen, and pencil in his hand.
We headed to Wenatchee at the beginning of the month to go to Eric's brother, Brandon's reception.
The kid's loved playing outside all day and being surrounded by our family.
The reception had good food (7 kinds of brownies).
Jared and his best friend, Sara.
Brandon and Janelle at the reception.

Jared loved swinging and playing in the dirt.
Blake and Kirsten posing at the reception.
Kara (on the right) and her boyfriend Ben, got engaged later this night.  
We decided to bless Brady this same weekend that we were in Wenatchee with so much family in town.  Jared did not leave poor Rusty alone the whole time we were there.  And of course, Travis is busy drawing.
I wish we would have gotten a picture at the cemetery on our way home from church, but at least we did get some pictures.

 During Eric's little break before his next quarter, we headed to visit my family in Spokane.
 Aubree was having a tired/emotional time while we played steal the flag.
 Cute Tanner
 Travis loves it when Grandma Wilson makes caramel popcorn on Sunday afternoons. 
Jared loved it too. 
 Grandma with some of the kids.
Jared loved the ice cream cake that Amy made.  He thinks he is pretty funny.
Tanner's friend gave him a bunch of stick-on mustaches and the kids had a lot of fun with them for the day.
Brady looked like the flea from A Bug's Life with his mustache.
I didn't get any pictures on Brady's blessing day, so I tried to get some when we got home.  He wore the same outfit that Eric's mom made and was worn by Travis and Jared.
Brady is such a sweet boy.
Our niece, Claire got to come home with us and spend the week.  We don't have too much time left here in Seattle, so we wanted to make sure and get a visit to Snoqualmie Falls while it was nice out.

Track meets have started up again this year.  Jared got to run in his first race.  The weather wasn't very nice, but we had fun.  Eric even ran the 400m hurdle race.  He is pretty awesome!

Travis sported his Tiger hat for the races. 
We had a Father's Day.  Aubree made Eric the cutest bow tie.  Eric even wore it to church and got tons of compliments.  I am so grateful for Eric and the wonderful Dad he is.  We are grateful for our Dad's.  They are awesome dads and grandpas.
I have been wanting to run the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon for a while and this last winter Sara signed us up to run.  I didn't do the math too well, because after having Brady I realized that I didn't have very much time to train.  
I still wanted to run it and I have been training good doing crossfit for over six weeks, but I didn't do any real training runs.  That was not very smart.  My friend, Laura ran with me and I feel bad I slowed her down so much.  We did run the whole way, but by the end my legs were killing me.
The run itself was beautiful.  We started and ended right near the Space Needle.
This is me at the end.  I wish you could see video of me trying to move at this point.  I'm planning on running another half marathon in September and I will have my legs trained by then!
The next couple pictures are random ones from my phone.  Jared is really cute with Brady.
Jared loves to pull the wagon to go see the ducks by our house.
The caveman and astronaut came with me to Costco.
Milk bubbles
Jared tried my spinach smoothie.
I found all these pictures of Sara and Jared.
Brady and his cute dimple.
Tanner graduated from preschool this last week.
Tanner and Teacher Sarah
Jared loving Brady.
 Brady is 11 weeks old now.  He weighed just over 12lbs at his two month appointment.  He sleeps 8-10 hours at night now and his bedtime is slowly moving up.  
 Tanner is sad not to be going to school anymore.  He loved his preschool and is counting down the days till kindergarten.
 Jared LOVES trains lately.  He gets them out every morning and will play with them all day.
 Aubree finished Kindergarten this last week.  They had an end of the year assembly where a boy and girl from each class was given a Panther Pride Award.  Aubree got the award for her class.  We are so proud of her.  When her teacher called her up, she was too shy to get up in front of the school.  The picture above is the best I got with her teacher.
 Aubree got the award for "Consistently being a class leader as well as showing friendship and kindness to others."  I am grateful for Aubree and good girl she is becoming.

This last week marked 18 months since Andrew passed away.  I had a rough day that day thinking about the last 18 months.  I thought a lot about all the love and service we have been blessed with.  I still go back and read the kind comments and messages that were given to us.  I thought about what we have learned and how we have changed.  We pray everyday that we are learning and becoming what we are supposed to.  I miss this boy so much.  It stinks to be forgetting so much.  I sometimes imagine what he would look like and be doing now.  Andrew is such a perfect boy.  We thank Heavenly Father everyday for the blessing he is to us.