Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 28, 2002

The night was September 28, 2002. The place was a Young Single Adult Dance in Moses Lake. The dance encompassed half of the small gym floor. There around 20 people dancing to music coming from a boom box that what hooked up to some speakers. A slow song began, and she looked over and saw this young man, time seemed to stand still. Everything was blurry, but his face was in perfect focus. He came over and asked for a dance. She readily accepted. They danced, talked, and departed, to awkwardly bounce around for the upbeat song that followed. During the next few songs they both wanted to ask the other for another dance, but neither could bring themselves to be that forward. Finally, just a couple songs before the end of the dance, she decided that she had nothing to lose, and she shyly approached him and asked for another dance. The song was too short, and the conversation was too good - they felt riveted to the spot and danced another song. It was good that they did, because during this last song, he mustered up the courage to do something that he had never done before - he asked for her phone number. She willingly and excitedly gave it to him, and they visited for a few minutes before saying their goodbyes. That night, his friends teased him for being so smitten by the girl that he had connected with, and she returned home to write about him in her journal and think of him as she drifted to sleep. Somehow, they knew that there was something special about their new acquaintance, and they were both excited about the new friend that had been made. In the back of their minds, they both anxiously thought and hoped that the person whom they had met might become more than just a friend.

They fell in love and their dreams came true!

Monday, September 8, 2008


So about a week ago, Tanner woke up in the morning and somehow got his arm out of the neck hole of his pj's. Eric and I thought it
was so funny, so we got a few pictures and let him hang out like that for a little bit. We wished we could've seen him work to get his arm out. Anyways, Tanner has been a little tall for these pj's, so I decided that Trav could start wearing them. So, last night I put the exact same pajamas on Travis and we couldn't believe how he woke up... Same arm even. There must be something about that sleeve that they don't want their arm in it. I love our boys!

It has been a long week with all of the kids having pink eye and ear infections. They are all on antibiotics and now seem to be getting better.
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