Sunday, December 2, 2012


 This week, we were reminded of the active hand that Heavenly Father has in our lives.  Sometimes, He has a different idea than we do, about how our life should be.  I am grateful for such a wonderful husband, who is so patient, kind and Christlike.
We had a great Thanksgiving in Wenatchee.  Eric's mom is one of the best cooks I know and we all were well fed.
 I only got a few pictures of our holiday.  
 Eric was able to take the kids horseback riding at his friends.
 All the rest of the kids were done riding by the time I got there, so I was only able to get pictures of Jared.  He loved it.

Brady is now in the 95% for weight.  I don't know how he is SO chubby, with the amount of spitting up he does.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Brady and a lost tooth

I can't get enough of this boy.  He is as sweet as they come.
I love his eyes.
Brady is almost 23 lbs and is growing out of some 12 month-old clothing.  He still spits up a ton.  Our pediatrician has put him on two different types of medicine, but neither has helped.  We even have taken Brady to the chiropractor a few times to see if that would help, but it hasn't.  

Aubree's top tooth has been loose for a while, but she wouldn't touch it or let anyone else touch it.  She wanted Eric to bring his stuff home and just pull it out for her.  He told Aubs that he wasn't going to do that for her top ones.  Anyways, she let me tie a piece of floss around it and it finally came out.  I love how she talks with that big gap.  These two are so cute with both of their missing teeth.


We had our ward Trunk of Treat the Saturday before Halloween.  Eric was gone to Pittsburg and New York for interviews, so I got to brave it on my own.  Jared really didn't want to wear a costume, but right as I put him in his car seat I slipped him into a chicken costume.  He found a witch hat and loved wearing it.
Brady was the chubbiest dragon.
Tanner and his buddy, Aiden.
Aubree, Travis, Tanner, and Aiden at the Truck or Treat.
We had fun carving pumpkins this year.  I didn't get a final picture of the pumpkins when we were done though.
Tanner was really good at carving.
Aubree ended up cleaning almost all of the pumpkins out.
Brady got to sit and watch.

These are on Halloween before we went Trick or Treating.  Eric was still gone at his interviews, but Sara was back from her European travels and was there to help.
Jared loved Trick or Treating.  He was so cute saying Trick or Treat and Thank You.  As we would walk to the next house he kept saying, "Halloween" to himself.  
After almost 3 weeks for being in and out of town, Eric is back home.  Interviews went good and we find out next week where we match at.  Eric even got to experience Hurricane Sandy while in New York and walk to his interview in Brooklyn in the rain/wind.

Tanner is 6!

Tanner boy is six years old!  
Tanner has grown up a lot in the last year.  He loves going to school and has tons of friends.  Tanner is so easy to please.  He loves to eat.  He has such a fun personality and loves to make people laugh.
We had a friend birthday party for Tanner this year.  
We played a game where you tried to see who could stuff all their balloons in their clothes first.

Then we played Donut on a String.

Travis had a hard time not touching his.
Everyone decorated their own cupcakes, ate lunch, and sang Happy Birthday.
Tanner is such a good boy and we are grateful he is in our family.

Phone/Picture Dump

Gotta love 90% off at Target.

Aubs and Tanner on their first day of school.
Tanner is in Kindergarten. 
Trav lasted a few weeks in Preschool.  It was really hard to get him there and back, cost too much, and he didn't really like it.  This is my last year having him home all the time and I'm loving it.
 Tanner is loving Kindergarten.  He is doing so well and he has a great teacher (Mrs. Salmon).
Aubree has an awesome teacher too.  Her name is Ms. Ng and we are adjusting to Aubs being at school all day.
Trav got a bloody nose and ended up fixing his own problem.
We have a duck pond close to our house that we love to visit.
Love how much they love each other.
In September we "celebrated" our 10 year anniversary of when we met.  That night, we told the kids our story.  Somedays, I can't believe these guys are ours.
Aunt Sara made Travis' day with her costume find.
On Andrew's 3rd Birthday we did a day of Kindness.  Eric stayed home from school and we spent the day trying to serve and love people.  We appreciate everyone who did service.  
Jared found one of his old binky's.
Eric and I got to go to the play, Wicked at the Paramount, downtown.  
Jared loves when I get out Brady's new baby toys.
Sleepover! These three know how to get what they want when Eric puts them to bed.  
Aubs and Brady Boo
One of my favorite times of the day.