Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Phone/Picture Dump

Gotta love 90% off at Target.

Aubs and Tanner on their first day of school.
Tanner is in Kindergarten. 
Trav lasted a few weeks in Preschool.  It was really hard to get him there and back, cost too much, and he didn't really like it.  This is my last year having him home all the time and I'm loving it.
 Tanner is loving Kindergarten.  He is doing so well and he has a great teacher (Mrs. Salmon).
Aubree has an awesome teacher too.  Her name is Ms. Ng and we are adjusting to Aubs being at school all day.
Trav got a bloody nose and ended up fixing his own problem.
We have a duck pond close to our house that we love to visit.
Love how much they love each other.
In September we "celebrated" our 10 year anniversary of when we met.  That night, we told the kids our story.  Somedays, I can't believe these guys are ours.
Aunt Sara made Travis' day with her costume find.
On Andrew's 3rd Birthday we did a day of Kindness.  Eric stayed home from school and we spent the day trying to serve and love people.  We appreciate everyone who did service.  
Jared found one of his old binky's.
Eric and I got to go to the play, Wicked at the Paramount, downtown.  
Jared loves when I get out Brady's new baby toys.
Sleepover! These three know how to get what they want when Eric puts them to bed.  
Aubs and Brady Boo
One of my favorite times of the day.  

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Melanie said...

HE HE HE...the kissy bathtub picture is priceless. So sweet!