Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This is my first of six posts that I uploaded the pictures for and need to get posted so I can get all caught up.  The keyboard on my laptop completely stopped working and after taking it into the Apple Store, they told me it would cost $750 to repair all the damage.  Anyways, I bought a new keyboard for $30 on Amazon and my awesome Eric was able to take apart the whole laptop and replace my keyboard.  I feel like I have a new computer and am going to get all caught up.
Right before Aubree started school we took some 1st-grade school pictures.
Love some of the poses that she chose.
Aubree is growing up way too fast.  She is 6 going on 16.  She is loving going to school and has a great teacher.  Aubree is so helpful with her brothers and is so good at helping me with Brady and Jared.  

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Laura and crew said...

Love all these pictures of your cute kids! I am still laughing at how Travis solved his bloody nose. Hooray for getting the keyboard fixed cheap and easy so you could post these!