Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Pretty much all my blogging ends up being big catch-ups these days.  We are doing good, and looking forward to Eric being done with dental school and then onto our move to California.
Brady gets busier everyday.  It was too quiet and I found him getting into cocoa.

Eric has tried to take the kids fishing whenever he has a day off.  Jared loves playing outside and fishing.
Super Dad!  Eric is so awesome!
I have made it goal to be in more pictures, no matter how I think I look. (Brady makes the best faces)
Sure love these kids!
Messy faces

Best buds
Aubree and Tanner walk to the bus everyday and Travis, Jared, Brady, and I watch from our window.  I can't believe how fast they grow up.  It was just yesterday they were sleeping in opposite cribs.
We have had a few days of really nice weather and we took advantage of it.  I'm still getting used to sunshine after living in Seattle for so long...
Jared loves to dance.

Brady has the best scrunchy nose face.

Incredible Jared.  He loves everything about super heros.

We happened to be in Wenatchee on Mother's Day, so we were able to visit Andrew's grave.  I love being a mom.
The rest of these pictures I'm finally getting off my phone and onto the blog so I can have them saved.
Brady Boo

Eric and I took a trip to California a month ago to find a place to live.  We were able to visit the Redlands Temple while we were there.
Pretty fun to have Eric work on a few of my teeth.  Next weekend, we are going to have an official Dr. Nygard.  
These kids play "dentist" on each other all the time.  
Brady loves himself a smoothie.
Jared and his "twin"
Jared thinks he has to go play in puddles every time it rains.  
Brady LOVES Eric.

Travis with his tinker-toy Optimus Prime.
Love my sisters!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Baby is One!

This is a month late and he already has a few more teeth, but better late, then never...
Brady is as sweet as they come.  Whenever he smiles, he likes to crinkle up his nose. 
Brady is a happy boy who loves to always be around his siblings.
He is standing on his own, but not walking yet.
Brady loves teasing and if any of the kids are on the ground he crawls over and attacks them.
Brady is weighing in at 27lbs and has the best chubby rolls.
We didn't do much for his birthday, but we did do cake.

Brady loved it!

Sure love this boy.

We can't get enough of this sweet boy.  Brady is such a nice boy and gives us the best smiles. 
 Happy Birthday Brady!!!