Friday, August 10, 2012

Optimus Trav

In the last couple months, Travis has changed his obsession from tigers to Transformers.  He started looking through a little cardboard book.  He taught himself all about each of the characters and how to write out all their names.  We can ask him to spell any of them.   There is one YouTube video with all of the characters that he likes to watch.  He will watch one character, pauses it, draws it out, and then goes to the next one.  
The picture above it a worksheet Travis brought home from summer camp.  It made Eric and I laugh pretty hard.
He was supposed to be asleep, but told us he was "studying".
We have pages and notebooks full of all of the Transformers.

I love how he does block letters.  
This is one of the last tigers Travis drew before he moved on to Transformers.
 I am telling you, we have hundreds of these.
Trav has now started creating Optimus Prime with legos.  He cracks me up.  At their track meet a few weeks ago, he ran the 200m dash.  In the middle of his race, he "transformed" three times.  

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tanner Dancy Dance

Tanner loves to perform and he is a really funny boy.  He has always had dancing moves from the time he was a baby.  When the kids play Just Dance at their grandparents, Tanner has good rhythm and does really well.  Aubree and Tanner saw a thing on Disney about sending in a dance video to win prizes, so they went back to their rooms and practiced.  This was Tanner's performance.  I will post one soon of him doing a dance from Just Dance.  Aubree was ready with her dance, but gets too embarrassed.  My favorite parts are at :37, 1:02, and 2:13.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Busy Busy

One night at bedtime, Eric gave the kids the choice to race outside instead of having stories.
They jumped at the chance.

The races got longer and longer.

Jared is a busy boy.  Anyone who observes him, laughs and comments to us how busy he is.
Jared LOVES Tanner and wants to do anything Tanner is doing.  They play really cute together.  They even gang up and tease Travis...
Jared's silhouette in the window.
I love it when Jared keeps himself busy.  He loves building towers and then "drives" them all over the house.
Jared is 22 months and his vocabulary has exploded.  He calls gum, "mug".  The kids think it is hilarious.  My favorite word he says is, Andrew.  It is so cute when he points at pictures of Andrew and says his name.