Saturday, August 4, 2012

Busy Busy

One night at bedtime, Eric gave the kids the choice to race outside instead of having stories.
They jumped at the chance.

The races got longer and longer.

Jared is a busy boy.  Anyone who observes him, laughs and comments to us how busy he is.
Jared LOVES Tanner and wants to do anything Tanner is doing.  They play really cute together.  They even gang up and tease Travis...
Jared's silhouette in the window.
I love it when Jared keeps himself busy.  He loves building towers and then "drives" them all over the house.
Jared is 22 months and his vocabulary has exploded.  He calls gum, "mug".  The kids think it is hilarious.  My favorite word he says is, Andrew.  It is so cute when he points at pictures of Andrew and says his name.

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