Monday, May 21, 2012

Brandon and Janelle's Wedding

 I have been terrible at posting regularly lately.  I don't take as many pictures and I don't have as much time.  It has been beautiful outside, so we spend all our spare time outside.   I plan on doing updates weekly again.  We will see...
Tanner lost his first tooth a few weeks ago.  It had been loose for a long time, and he pulled it out himself while we were brushing his teeth. Aubree wasn't very happy that he lost a tooth before she did.
 That night before Tanner went to bed, Eric took some pictures of him.  Tanner is pointing to his five fingers to let us know how old he is.  
 Love this picture of Tann and Travis.  
 They are such buddies.
The "tooth fairies" forgot their first night on the job, so Eric wrote a new letter the next night to the tooth fairy, so she wouldn't forget again.  The kids all signed the letter (Travis wrote his name upside down himself). 
 Two days later, Aubree lost her first tooth.  Her permanent tooth had come in behind her baby tooth, so it didn't push it out.  Eric ended up pulling it out for her.
I took some pictures of the kids before church a few weeks ago.  I hadn't gotten a picture of these five together yet. 
Eric was getting them to laugh pretty good behind me. 

 Love this one

 Eric's little brother, Brandon married Janelle Haycock last weekend in Denver.  Kirsten got to meet Brady for the first time.
 Cute girls
Blakey Man 

 It was such an awesome wedding to be a part of.  Brandon and Janelle are so perfect for each other and were so cute all day.  It is fun to see Brandon so happy and in love.

 I asked Kirsten (Eric's little sister) to take a picture of us and it didn't quite get focused.  I am so grateful for Eric!  
The sealing was really good.  They were sealed by Janelle's Grandpa.  As he was talking about the sealing power and forever families, I was completely overcome with a feeling that Andrew was there.  It was so awesome.  We miss that boy so much!  The Spirit was so strong and I am so grateful for Temples.
 I sure am grateful for my in-laws and children they have raised. 
 Eric's littlest sisters, Lynnette and Kirsten.
 Beautiful Lynnette
 I can't believe Kirsten is almost 16.  When Eric and I met, she was Tanner's age (five).
 Eric and his Grandma Maughan.  She is a special lady and we love every chance we get to spend time with her.  She was just released from her mission a few weeks ago.
Eric had one brother not at the wedding because he is on a mission and another sister who wasn't able to make it cause she just had a baby 3 weeks ago.
 My sister Jackie met us there to do Janelle's hair and spend some time with us.  It was fun to spend some time with her.
The reception was awesome.  They had these cool matchboxes for their wedding favor.

Wedding Cake

This was at the entrance.  They had drinks in a watering trough, good food, and ice cream sundaes.  They even rode off into the sunset on a horse...
It was so good to get back to the kids.  It seemed like Jared grew up while we were gone.
Me and our two babies.  I hate having pictures taken of me, unless I am dressed up with makeup.  That doesn't happen very often and I have realized I don't have enough pictures of me with our kids.  I wish I had hundreds more of me with Andrew.  Aubree is always wanting to take pictures, so I have started letting her.  
 Brady is now 6 weeks old and he is getting too big, too fast.