Tuesday, September 28, 2010

8 Years!

The night was September 28, 2002. The place was a Young Single Adult Dance in Moses Lake. The dance encompassed half of the small gym floor. There around 20 people dancing to music coming from a boom box that what hooked up to some speakers. A slow song began, and she looked over and saw this young man, time seemed to stand still. Everything was blurry, but his face was in perfect focus. He came over and asked for a dance. She readily accepted. They danced, talked, and departed, to awkwardly bounce around for the upbeat song that followed. During the next few songs they both wanted to ask the other for another dance, but neither could bring themselves to be that forward. Finally, just a couple songs before the end of the dance, she decided that she had nothing to lose, and she shyly approached him and asked for another dance. The song was too short, and the conversation was too good - they felt riveted to the spot and danced another song. It was good that they did, because during this last song, he mustered up the courage to do something that he had never done before - he asked for her phone number. She willingly and excitedly gave it to him, and they visited for a few minutes before saying their goodbyes. That night, his friends teased him for being so smitten by the girl that he had connected with, and she returned home to write about him in her journal and think of him as she drifted to sleep. Somehow, they knew that there was something special about their new acquaintance, and they were both excited about the new friend that had been made. In the back of their minds, they both anxiously thought and hoped that the person whom they had met might become more than just a friend.

They fell in love and their dreams came true!

Friday, September 24, 2010

10 days old

Jared is 10 days old today and he is a great baby. Recovery and breast feeding has gone a hundred times better this time. The kids love to hold Jared all of the time. My Mom just went home on Wednesday, so I have been taking it very easy till then. I really appreciate my mom's service to our family. She cleaned, did laundry, made all our meals, and helped take care of the kids for the 2 weeks she was here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jared Wilson Nygard

Jared's birth story took longer to start than I thought. After I made the last post I thought I would be having a baby any day. I was at a three and having contractions, but nothing consistent. Last week my Mom came to town and I had an appointment and was at a solid 4 almost 5cm. The Dr. said to make my next appointment, but she would probably see me at the hospital before then. I thought again I would be having a baby any day. Eric and I were asked to speak that Sunday and I said I would speak, but may have a baby by then. Also, Eric's younger brother and sister were going through the temple on that Saturday.
After the temple, we had a celebration at our house, and had birthday cakes for Eric and his Dad. Eric turned 30 this year and I had the best of intentions to do a big party for him. With moving and the baby and his externships, he got a birthday cake with 30 candles on it! Eric is so great! He has been so good and taking care of the rest of the kids and letting me get rest.
Eric has made himself a Crossfit gym in our garage. The kids are good helpers.
Anyways, back to the birth story. I made it to the temple and was able to speak on Sunday, and had my appointment the next day (Monday). I had been having contractions this whole time (the last week), but nothing very consistent. I had been feeling kind of crappy. At the appointment, I was at a solid 5 and the Dr. stripped my membranes. After this my contractions started changing, they didn't hurt, just felt different. I started getting them more consistent and so we headed to the hospital that night at around 7. As soon as I got to the hospital, my contractions pretty much stopped. The nurse hooked me up to the monitors and checked me. I was now at 6 cm. She said they would watch me to see if I would go into labor. The Dr who was on call came into my room soon after because she couldn't believe how far dilated I was without being "in labor." I really hadn't had any contractions that had hurt and the Dr said she thought I was at a 7 now. She told me she would like to put me on pitocin and break my water, since it wouldn't be too safe to send me home so dilated. She told me I could get the epidural as soon as the Anesthesiologist could get there. The nurse started the pit and I got the epidural a little later. The Dr then came in and broke my water (9:30ish). I started getting pretty regular contractions for the next few hours. My Mom and sister were able to come to the delivery since the kids were already in bed and our good friends were willing to sit at our house. The nurse decided to check me around midnight and I was at a 10. She told me push a little with my next contraction to see how close the baby was. As I pushed the babies head started coming and she told me to wait till she could get the Dr. The Dr came over as soon as she could and Jared came out with one and half pushes. We didn't know if Jared was a boy or a girl, so as soon as he was out they all screamed, It's a boy! The delivery was really smooth. My recovery so far has been tons easier. I am feeling good and am hoping that breast feeding goes smoothly too.
Jared weighed 6lbs 15oz. He was covered in tons of white stuff.
Eric was able to cut the umbilical cord. This was pretty soon after the delivery.
The kids came the next morning to meet their baby brother.
They love holding Jared as much as they can. Tanner's first time holding Jared.
Aubree, Tanner, and Travis came to the hospital one night for our celebration dinner. Aubree is a little mom. She was holding Jared and told us she would take care of the kids while I showered and Eric ate his dinner. She is really funny.
We have been so blessed! Our life is crazy!
Andrew seems so big now. He has no idea what is going on.
Aubree's first time holding Jared. Love Aubree's headband.
First time I held Jared after he got cleaned up.
Travis always wants to hold Jared. He is always calling him, "my baby." He is always calling him Jerry. Tanner calls him Jareed. It is pretty funny.
Eric took the kids for a walk this evening. They were needing to get out. It was raining pretty good. They love walking with their umbrellas.

Eric is such a good dad!
Aubs with Jared.

We are so grateful for Jared. He is such a nice boy!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's a BOY!!!

Baby Boy Nygard
6lbs 15oz 19 1/2 inches
September 14 12:34 am

Details and Name to follow. Aubs and I are so outnumbered...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Baby is almost here!

Eric got back this week from his second round of externships (Pittsburgh and Stony Brook) and it is wonderful to have him back. While he was gone I would have to sit down everytime I started getting lots of contractions, so now that he is back I am ready to have this baby. I went into the doctor (my 1st here in Seattle) and I am at a 3 and the Dr said things are ready. I have been having a lot of contractions and may have the baby this next week. It is still unreal that we are adding another baby to our family.
This picture and the two below are from when we were in Spokane before our move. When we were getting ready to leave Spokane for the last time, Aubree came to me crying because she was going to miss her best friends, Leah and Claire so much. It was weird to leave Spokane, but we have enjoyed the West Side so far.

We have a beach that is super close to our house that we have been to a couple times. The kids loved getting shells and finding dead crabs. It has been so, SO nice to have my sister Sara here to help with the kids and especially help while Eric was gone.
Trav thought he had to put the shells back that Aubs and Tann had found.

The weather has been pretty nice since we have been here. It has rained only a few days. Every time it has the kids have played outside with their umbrellas.

When Eric got home we took another trip to the beach and used the wagon to bring our stuff down. If you look close you can see Andrew among the stuff in the wagon. He loves riding in the wagon.
Travis liked lounging at the beach more than playing in the water.
Sara and Eric at beach with the kids.
Aubree giving me a fake cheesy smile. She has loved having Sara around. She is always giving Sara styling tips and really looks up to Sara. Aubs is growing up too fast.

Hopefully our next post will be a new Nygard!