Monday, December 9, 2013

October & November

I think I am going to just try monthly (or every other month) updates.
For our ward's Super Saturday we were taught how to make bow ties out of ties, so I made little bow ties out of one of Eric's old ties.

Most of the pictures off my camera were all of Brady…  

Brady is 20 months old now.  He is the sweetest.  He is starting to run and jump.  Brady is a boy of few words, but is really good at expressing himself.  He LOVES his brother, sister, and Dad and gives them the best hugs.  Brady loves all the super heroes, but he especially gets excited when he sees Spiderman.    He loves the stroller, the wagon, and loves playing in the car.  

Jared is a super hero all day, every day.  He loves wearing pajamas and it is hard to get him to wear anything else.  He runs every wear instead of walking.  Jared is such a smuggler.  When he gives me the sweetest hugs and kisses my face, I tell him "Jared, you are so sweet."  He tells me, "I'm not sweet, I'm awesome!"  

Tanner-man turned seven in October.  He is loving 1st grade and has tons of groupies/friends.  Tanner is a great big brother who makes Jared and Brady laugh all the time.  Tanner is really great reader and really good at math.  He is one of my best helpers when it comes to cleaning and cooking.  Whenever we cook, he wants to help, watch, and smell each spice we put in.
We had a fun Halloween.  We weren't used to such warm weather for the holiday.  It was really nice to trick or treat without rain and having to bundle up.  
Aubree-Supergirl (she wasn't feeling so good)
Couldn't get a good one of all the kids together.  

Aubree is almost 8 and acts like a teenager.  She is the best big sister.  Aubree is obsessed with making Rainbow Looms, Lego Friends, and anything crafty.  She will make "crafts" as long as I let her use the supplies.  Aubree has been memorizing the Articles of Faith for church and is preparing for her baptism. 
Aubree has been wanting to get her ear's pierced and we decided to let her for her baptism.  They did both ears at the same time and she didn't even flinch.
The rest of the pictures are from my phone.  Brady got into my mascara.
We have a park really close to our house that we walk to all the time.  Travis wanted to wear Eric's motorcycle helmet when we went to the park.
Travis turned six years old yesterday.  He is a funny boy that seems to hop from obsession to obsession.    He went from Tigers to Transformers to Ben10 to Plants vs. Zombies and now Snakes.  He is a walking encyclopedia on any of those topics. Travis is enjoying kindergarten and I love that his teacher appreciates his personality.  
Another time Brady found my mascara.
Brady at the park.
We drove to Bakersfield for Thankgiving to celebrate with some of our good friends from Pullman (undergrad).  Our friends have two sets of twins and we loved spending time with the Remunds again.
When we got home from Bakersfield, we put our tree up.
During our Thanksgiving break we found a zoo not too far from our house.  This zoo made us miss our old zoo in Seattle.
Jared got a new batman shirt that came with a blank cape, so we used some freezer paper to personalize it.
Jared had a minor surgery a few weeks ago. It has been fun trying to keep him from climbing on things…
I wish I had more pictures of me at the gym, but I never think about it at the right time.  I love coaching/CrossFit and have loved getting to know so many new people.  I coach 4 days a week and Jared and Brady get to go to childcare for that hour.  It has been a great outlet for me.  It is hard for me to be slowing down.  I am into my last trimester and am still working out, but have to scale differently these days.
Can't get enough of this Brady boy.
Jared and Brady are buds.
Brady thinks he can only eat at the table with us now.
Jared, the monkey
Jared and Brady at our ward trunk or treat.  Eric ended up getting stuck at the hospital, so I got to brave another one of these on my own.
We couldn't find Jared's mask, so we painted it on.
Brady, the elephant
I love it when Brady lays on his tummy to draw/color like he sees his siblings do.
Loved being able to carve pumpkins outside.
Happy Birthday Tanner
Brady loves the chalk at the gym.
We drove to Arizona to my brother's house for a baby blessing and baptism.  We loved being with family and their pool.
Superhero Jared
So proud of Eric.  Jared always calls him Dr. Dad.  Eric is loving what he is doing and what he is learning.  He just finished a two month rotation at a hospital in a neighboring town where he was doing the anesthesia for all sorts of surgeries.  He is now back at the dental clinic, doing anesthesia for dentists.  Eric puts in long days (12-14 hours), but we are excited to almost be a quarter of the way done (not that I'm counting :) ).