Friday, March 15, 2013

Photo Dump

Here goes another monthly post.  I haven't been so good at doing updates.  I found some pictures from Christmas break when Eric's little brother,  Brian returned home from his mission in Uruguay.  
It is so good to have Brian home.  He was an awesome missionary and we love being able to spend time with him again.

Grandma Nygard is a master seamstress and made the kids aprons for Christmas.
 Aubree is such a great big sister.  She is only seven, but acts like she is already a teenager.
 Jared loves sprinkles!
 Brady is getting really good at getting into everything and dumping it out.
 It is warming up a little, so we have been able to do some workouts in our garage again.

 Brady is as sweet as they come.

 My sister's son Lincoln is a year older than Brady.  He always wants to hold Brady and it is funny since Brady weighs more and has a bigger head.
 Jared loves to dress up.

Brady loved my green smoothie. 
 We don't have much of a back yard, but Travis has decided to build his own Optimus Prime.  Eric takes them on hikes to find pieces of wood and rocks that they use to build his Optimus.
 Aubs has lost another tooth.  She has now lost 7 and it is weird to see her with teeth that are so much bigger.
 Travis never leaves Brady alone.  He is always loving on him, carrying him around, holding him and trying to play with him.  He asked me to take this picture.
 We live next door to a beautiful state park and spent a Saturday exploring.
 Busy... Busy...
 Jared wants to go with Tanner and Travis to their wrestling so bad.  He thought he was pretty cool wearing their singlet.

 Our baby's teething. 
The boys have been wrestling 2-3 days a week for the last few months and have their first tournament this weekend. 
 Brady loves to play with the iPad while Jared does.
 Brady's first bubble bath.
I didn't realize that there was a tube of toothpaste on the desk in Jared's room when I laid him down for his nap. 
 Travis' tiger keeps watch while he sleeps.
Our big news is that we are headed to California in June.  Eric accepted a residency position with the Loma Linda University Dental Anesthesia program.  We are excited for this awesome opportunity and we're grateful to see our Heavenly Father's hand in our life.