Thursday, October 16, 2014


Here is another huge update.
Travis' new obsession for a few months was Pokemon.  He read his Pokemon over and over and memorized all their sizes.  He found the tape measure and would pull out the length of each Pokemon.
Brady loves his sister.  She is so good at taking care of him.
Matthew a few months ago.
Brady always wants to get his picture taken when I take them of Matt.
My sister Mary came to visit soon after I had Matthew.  We loved having her here.  Aubree cried for an hour after we dropped her off at the airport.
Love Jared in his suspenders.

Brady has big muscles!
Smiley Matthew!

Jared turned 4 last month.  He is going to a coop preschool and is loving it.  Jared is an awesome kid.  He loves reading books with me and Power Rangers.  Jared loves riding his balance bike, playing with his brothers and is getting so good at climbing the rope at our gym.
Brady posing for me after I took 4-year-old pictures with Jared.  He is as sweet as they come.
Matty at 7 months.

He is always smiling!
This boy is pure Nygard.
Jared glued a crafting glue to his forehead and called it "the floating eye of death."
He wore it for days.
Eric and I both have birthdays in August.  He was on his medicine rotation at the hospital, so he pretty much worked all day, everyday.  He had a random day off while the rest of the kids were at school and headed to Red Robin for our free burgers.  Sure love Eric and am grateful for his hard, hard work.
Brady Batman
It is a lot nicer to go shopping now that Matthew can sit up in the cart.
For my birthday Aubree made a card for me from the kids and gather a bunch of "treasures."
Disneyland is about 45 minutes from our house and we got passes for our last year here.  The kids have LOVED it.
Our friends from dental school, the Swanson, came to visit us for conference weekend.  They live five hours north of us, while Bryan is doing an oral surgery residency.
Matthew's 6 month picture.
Took Tanner out of school and just took these three to Disneyland.  
Brady's smile is the best!
Aubree got Student of the Month again for August.  Her teachers LOVE her.  I'm sure grateful for the example at school she is to her brothers and everyone around her.

Our first trip to Disneyland wore Brady out.
Once in a while, these guys wake up in time to see Eric leave.  They sure love their dad.
Travis brings lists like these home all the time. He loves learning about sharks.
My friend texted me this picture from Travis' first field trip this year.
Andrew's 5th birthday was on Sunday.  I can't believe it has been almost 4 years since Andrew died.  I'm grateful for these days to think about him all day and to be humbled all over again.  I'm grateful for those reminders of what is important and to reevaluate my life.  Our family in Wenatchee visited Andrew's grave on his birthday and we thankful they took the time to do that. 
 Brady the knight
Jared, Brady and Matthew.  We have a picture of Tanner, Travis and Andrew wearing these same three shirts. 
 Leonardo Jared
Bath time fun 

 I turned around after making cookie dough and Jared had a fistful.
Another picture with these three at Disneyland. 
 We had family reunion this summer with my family in Island Park (I still need to post all those pictures!). Travis loved fishing.
 These two are twins.  Jared's baby pictures look exactly like Matthew.
 Ninja Turtle Knight Brady
 Aubree had a fun playdate where our friend taught Aubree how to sew.  She made a closet for her dolls.  She also made some clothes.

 Another from the family reunion. Travis and Lucy with their fish.
 Brady found a Sharpie when he should've been sleeping.  Turkey!!!
 Found a swing at a yard sale that we hung up on our pull-up bar.  Matthew is now happy while we workout.  If you look close, you can see his two new teeth he has been working on.
 Finally posting our first day of school picture. 1st, 2nd and 3rd grader.
 Mud fight/ play date with our friends. 

Eric and I have both said if we knew our kids would turn out like Brady, we could have a bunch.  He has the sweetest disposition.