Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a good Valentine's Day. I loved that it was on Sunday and that we could have Eric with us the whole day. Aubree needed Valentines for preschool friendship party. We made these flower ones from the Family Fun magazine. She loved receiving and giving valentines.
Travis loves playing in the fridge and while I was feeding Andrew the other day, he came out carrying a block of cheese with huge bite marks out of it. He thought he was pretty funny.

Handsome Tanner. In the middle of the sacrament a couple Sunday's ago, Tanner turned to me in his talking voice (he only talks LOUD) and said, "I want a hot dog! Mom, can we go to Costco and get a hot dog!" People all around us were laughing. That was his way of telling us he was hungry, I guess.
Aubs and Tann, Sunday before church.
I found these pictures on the camera. Eric must've taken them while I was gone. Aubree is wearing one of Eric's shirts as her pajamas, Tanner has on Eric's coat, and Trav is climbing onto our entertainment center.
Love Aubree's pose.
I found Andrew with She also likes Aubree's Snow White sunglasses on. Andrew is such a nice boy!
The last 2 weekends we have been traveling to support Eric's little brother, Brian in his wrestling. He won Districts and got 2nd at Regionals. He is headed to State this next weekend. When we were in Wenatchee watching Districts, a high school girl selling programs asked Eric if he was Brian Nygard's Dad. It was pretty funny. A bunch of the high school kids kept staring at them when they were together commenting on how much they look alike.
Aubree loves Andrew so much. I need to get on video her interaction with him. She is so soft and nurturing with him. She always wants to hold him and help me with him. If he is ever crying, she is always giving him his binky or entertaining him. It is really nice when she can help me feed him when the other two boys need me at the same time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sweet Andrew! He is creeping up on 4 months and I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I LOVE this age. He is so interactive, smiley, and fun, but he doesn't crawl around yet and it doesn't take much to entertain him. Andrew is such a good boy and we are so grateful for him.
Trav loves to get into the fridge and in the morning he had gotten into some cream cheese. I had forgotten about it until I was in my bathroom before I went to bed and this is where I found it. Kind of random.
It has been really nice for winter here and we have been able to play outside quite a bit. Here's Tanner cleaning up the yard with his wheelbarrow.
Beautiful Aubs. She decided to cut herself some bangs. It could've been a lot worse.
Goggle Boy. Travis found Aubree's old swimming goggles and loves to wear them. Whenever he sees them, he asks me to put them on for him. He wears them so long they start to fog up.
Goggle Boy #2
Goggle Boy #3 (I love how it squished his eyes. Doesn't bother him.)
Goggle Boy #4
Before preschool last week Aubree asked me if she could wear jeans. I really don't remember the last time she wore jeans. I think the last time was before she turned 2 and I got her dressed. She has decided she likes jeans now and has worn jeans almost everyday. She has a lot easier time matching her clothes now. ( Goggles on Tanner too)
Andrew in the Bumbo. He likes it for short periods of time.
Our boys.
When we go outside I bundle Andrew up in this bear outfit and the kids think it is the coolest thing in the world. When Trav first saw him he couldn't stop giggling.
Eric's super talented Mom made him some scrubs for Christmas. Not many dental students can special order homemade scrubs.
I love Tanner's smile and laugh. This boy is something special. He is constantly wanting to eat. Most days I think that he consumes more calories than Eric. As soon as one meal is done he is ready for the next. For example: for lunch he had 8 chicken nuggets, half a hamburger, pb&j sandwich and some of my pancake. I can't imagine how it is going to be when he is a teenager.