Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sweet Andrew! He is creeping up on 4 months and I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I LOVE this age. He is so interactive, smiley, and fun, but he doesn't crawl around yet and it doesn't take much to entertain him. Andrew is such a good boy and we are so grateful for him.
Trav loves to get into the fridge and in the morning he had gotten into some cream cheese. I had forgotten about it until I was in my bathroom before I went to bed and this is where I found it. Kind of random.
It has been really nice for winter here and we have been able to play outside quite a bit. Here's Tanner cleaning up the yard with his wheelbarrow.
Beautiful Aubs. She decided to cut herself some bangs. It could've been a lot worse.
Goggle Boy. Travis found Aubree's old swimming goggles and loves to wear them. Whenever he sees them, he asks me to put them on for him. He wears them so long they start to fog up.
Goggle Boy #2
Goggle Boy #3 (I love how it squished his eyes. Doesn't bother him.)
Goggle Boy #4
Before preschool last week Aubree asked me if she could wear jeans. I really don't remember the last time she wore jeans. I think the last time was before she turned 2 and I got her dressed. She has decided she likes jeans now and has worn jeans almost everyday. She has a lot easier time matching her clothes now. ( Goggles on Tanner too)
Andrew in the Bumbo. He likes it for short periods of time.
Our boys.
When we go outside I bundle Andrew up in this bear outfit and the kids think it is the coolest thing in the world. When Trav first saw him he couldn't stop giggling.
Eric's super talented Mom made him some scrubs for Christmas. Not many dental students can special order homemade scrubs.
I love Tanner's smile and laugh. This boy is something special. He is constantly wanting to eat. Most days I think that he consumes more calories than Eric. As soon as one meal is done he is ready for the next. For example: for lunch he had 8 chicken nuggets, half a hamburger, pb&j sandwich and some of my pancake. I can't imagine how it is going to be when he is a teenager.


Trevor and Holly said...

Your kids are SO CUTE and FUNNY!!! AWWW goggles, I don't know what it is about boys and goggles, my kids have gone through that same thing, I am sure it will be a repeat this summer when they get dug out of our garage!! Such fun pics!!! Take care!

Melanie said...

I LOVE the goggles. You should turn him into a fun super hero with those babies.

Waylon and Rachael said...

Your family is so beautiful! I love the googles:)

Pugg said...

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Thank you, Pugg

Emma and Dan said...

I haven't been regularly checking any blogs since before Christmas, and I was SO excited to see a family picture with a 4th baby!

Andrew is a doll. I went back and read his story. I'm so happy for you all!!! What a sweet birth mother, and what a beautiful family you and Eric are blessed with!

Cher said...

I am laughing so hard about Travis's Wonderful Two's. Once Dallin had a friend over and he threw four eggs on the floor in my kitchen, I was so mad!! I am glad you can laugh about it! What cute cute kids, I loved the update. Hope you are well!!