Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wonderful Two's

Age 2
Woke Andrew up from his nap 3 times (door doesn't latch)
Cracked 4 eggs on the kitchen floor on two different occasions (he found the eggs I hid)
Put a soggy Frosted Mini Wheat into a full gallon of milk
He made Tanner seem like an angel today
Tomorrow will be better
Good thing his smile makes me melt


Melanie said...

He he...my two year old is just as mischievous...although he seems to have gotten most of the terribles out this summer. Hopefully! Good luck!

Sharalyn said...

Gee, Jenny, don't you watch him?! wink, wink, chuckle, chuckle

MelissaR said...

Oh! Those are the days when I can't wait for bedtime; then I have to go in their room and stare at them while they are sleeping- there's nothing more beautiful than a peacefully sleeping child!

cookfamily said...

Fun times! Caleb is going through the exact same phase. You are amazing!!!!