Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

It has been crazy with visiting family, the holidays, and with Eric being out of school. We had a great break, but we were ready to be back at our house. Eric started school Monday, as well as Aubree started preschool. It is kind of a pain to get the boys in and out of the car at 8 and at 11, but Aubs loves it. We were in Wenatchee for Christmas. The picture of above is the kids in their Christmas Jammies. Love it!
Tanner wanted to wear the stockings rather than hang them up. On a side note, when we were taking something to Eric at school yesterday, Tanner pointed to the school and said that is where Dad lives.
We attempted to have the kids act out the story of the Nativity. I don't know who Aubree or Tanner ended up being. I don't know why Tanner has his shirt off.
Andrew was Baby Jesus and Carly was Mary.
We had all the Nygard grandkids together for about an hour and we were able to get a couple pics (10 kids under 4). I love how sweet Aubree is with Andrew.
We celebrated Mary's (my sister) birthday while we were home. Just FYI, Mary got accepted to the Utah Dental Hygiene Program. She is awesome!
Aubree loves her cousins!
Oh Andrew! He is such a sweet boy. He is smiling all of the time and has even started to giggle. He is almost going 12 hours at night now and he naps great. I love how he is becoming more interactive. We are so grateful for Andrew. We should get to have him sealed to us this month.
Love him!
Tanner opening his presents on Christmas morning.
Trav opening his.
Aubree with her favorite gift from Santa.
These two wanted another picture taken of them. Tanner really misses Aubree being gone in the mornings.
Another PJ's pic.
Aubree's attempt at entertaining Andrew. She thought he would enjoy playing with her laptop.
This is Aubree's second morning of Preschool. I wasn't able to get a picture the first day because it was too chaotic. I love that Tanner is wearing Aubs boots.
Travis eating his cousin's birthday cake. Trav said farewell to his binky over the break. It was harder on me than it was on him.
This is the best picture I got of the boys in their Christmas sweaters.
This was the trap Aubree set up to catch Santa.
I need to start posting more video. This is from Trav's birthday party. I will post the one soon of when Trav pooped on the kitchen floor while Eric was home with the kids.

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