Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fun Summer!

I can't believe that it is almost the end of August. The summer has gone by way too fast. We are still in Wenatchee and will be headed home in the next month. We have had lots of fun. I found this bike stroller at a garage sale for $2. The kids fit into it pretty snuggly. They love going on walks together.
Aubree felt left out and wanted to sit with her brother's while they ate.

Aubree loves spending time with Eric's cousins, Claira and Heath. Claira brought over her face paints and Aubree couldn't get enough of it. I think she got her face painted at least five times.
Aubree loves helping Eric's family weed their garden. She was super sweaty and was playing in some dirt. Aubs finally figured out how to get her fingers to sign "i love you."
Trav in his own little pool.
Amy's (my sister) daughter Claire had her birthday party and we made her a pig cake.
Eric and I celebrated our birthday's on Saturday and Sunday and Eric's mom made us each our own dessert. Trav was asleep both times we sang.

Aubree finished her swimming lessons this week. Aubs and Tanner love being in the water. AND, Aubree is officially potty trained. It is so nice to have one less kid to change!

Friday, August 8, 2008

08/08/08 - 8 MONTHS

I knew Trav was a special boy, but I didn't realize till a few days ago that he turns 8 months old on 08-08-08 :) Kind of crazy. Travis is such a sweet boy. He weighs 21 pounds and getting everywhere he wants with an army crawl. I didn't want a mobile baby for a while! Trav is such a happy boy and smiles at anyone who will look at him and smile. He is starting to pull himself up on stuff and tried conversing with us all of the time. A couple days ago, only Aubree and Tanner were awake. I asked Aubree to give Tanner a hug so I could take a picture and she said she only hugs Travis. We are so grateful to have Travis in our family. Today also marks the start of the Olympics. I am so excited to watch them. Eric has a teammate from WSU who is competing there.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vacation Pictures

Tanner is such a funny boy. He loved wearing my sister's headband all of the time.

Trav and Jackie's (my sister) daughter, Adalee. She is two months older than Trav, but he outweighs her by 5 pounds.

Aubree with her first fish. Tanner and Aubree both caught fish, but Tanner didn't want to take a picture.

My sister Sara, Tanner, and Leah (my sister Amy's oldest)

Trav and Taylor (Amy's youngest)

My brother, Jon and Trav with his orange.
All the kids trying to help clean the fish.
Handsome Travis!

We have the sweetest kids! Tanner and Aubree are starting to really be able to play together and it is getting so fun. These kids are going to be such good buddies.
Tanner loves dirt.

Trav getting ready to crawl. I love his smile.
Tanner is such a cute boy. He has been putting his bowls, when he's done with them, on his head.

Tan with another headband. He is so handsome!