Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vacation Pictures

Tanner is such a funny boy. He loved wearing my sister's headband all of the time.

Trav and Jackie's (my sister) daughter, Adalee. She is two months older than Trav, but he outweighs her by 5 pounds.

Aubree with her first fish. Tanner and Aubree both caught fish, but Tanner didn't want to take a picture.

My sister Sara, Tanner, and Leah (my sister Amy's oldest)

Trav and Taylor (Amy's youngest)

My brother, Jon and Trav with his orange.
All the kids trying to help clean the fish.
Handsome Travis!

We have the sweetest kids! Tanner and Aubree are starting to really be able to play together and it is getting so fun. These kids are going to be such good buddies.
Tanner loves dirt.

Trav getting ready to crawl. I love his smile.
Tanner is such a cute boy. He has been putting his bowls, when he's done with them, on his head.

Tan with another headband. He is so handsome!


Cherisse said...

How fun, I have so many memories from that cabin. I'm glad you guys got to go. I love Aubs fish, it's so little, I bet she was so proud of it! Trav is such a chunky hunk. Your kids are all so adorable!

The Hardy Boys...and Me said...

Looks like you guys are having fun and staying busy, I'm sure! Love all the pictures. Your kids are so cute and all getting so big. Travis is such a chunk, I love it!

The Maughan Family said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute! I wish we really could see eachother more and just let our kids play! Maybe that day will come:)I love looking at your pics!