Wednesday, September 11, 2013


That was my longest hiatus since I started the blog is 2007.  Hopefully I can get back in the habit of posting weekly, but I kind of doubt it.  Maybe I can shoot for monthly...  We have now moved to sunny Southern California.  We live in Loma Linda and are getting used to the seeing the sun all over again.  We are getting used to it being pretty hot all of the time.  In Seattle our summer's were very mild, in the 80's.  Now it is over a hundred most days.  Our air conditioner isn't very efficient, so we don't turn on the AC unless the house gets above 85.  The heat has been the only complaint from the kids about California so far.  We have been able to spend a lot more time swimming, which they have enjoyed.
Some of these first pictures were from right before we moved (3 months ago) at my parents house.
Jared sharing popcorn with Grandma.
Love this Aubs.
Good thing Trav man got a buzz as soon as we moved.
Busy Tann man.  
I can't look at this picture without smiling.  I think Eric was trying to do a face like his dad does.  I am so grateful for Eric!  He is so kind and so patient.
This is the first morning of Eric's residency.  He puts in lot of hours and works very hard.  Eric loves what he is doing and learning. 
 Tanner grew a mustache.
 Brady boy at the pool.
 We are back to training in our garage and these guys are getting strong.
 Most the time if we are outside in the heat, we have the water on.
Aubree won a gift certificate to the Cheesecake Factory with the summer reading program, so Eric took the kids on a date there right before their school started. 
 Brady is getting good at feeding himself his morning yogurt.
 Aubree was so excited for school to start, she laid out her clothes and even put her backpack on her shirt.
 Eric gave the kids school blessings the night before we started.
The week we moved down here I got a groupon to a CrossFit gym right near our house.  I started working out their and noticed the owner/trainer needed help and offered to help him out.  He told me if I could get my certification, and when he went back to teaching school, I could teach some morning classes.  It was perfect fit.  This gym has childcare for every class I teach, so I have the kids there with me.  I love training people and I loved the CrossFit certification course.  I passed the test and am now official.
 These guys would dress-up all day if I let them.
 Building/playing forts together.
 We had Travis' back to school night.  We couldn't stop laughing at his picture.
Brady has just recently found his nostrils.  He thinks it's pretty funny to pick his nose and even try to pick our noses.
Since we moved, Brady's hair has been going blonde.  He still is doing his scrunchy face.
Brady is growing up too fast.  I have been asked a lot lately if he and Jared are twins.
Brady has the sweetest disposition.  He loves his siblings and is very affectionate with them.  Brady is quiet and easy to please most of the time, but when he wants something or his mad, he is feisty and lets you know it.  When I left town for my certification course, he and Eric formed a new bond and he lights up when Eric is around.  Brady gets busier everyday.  He climbs on everything from all our chairs (that are high), stools, and even onto our piano.
More scrunch-face Brady Boo.
Jared is going to be turning 3 this weekend.  It seems like forever since we have had a 3 year old.  He is completely potty trained and growing up too fast.  Jared thinks he is a super hero.  He always tries to wear a cape or a super hero shirt.  Jared loves to be read to and loves to snuggle.  If I ever get after him when he is being bad or disobedient, he looks at me and says, "But Mom, I'm your buddy!"  He speaks really well and says the cutest prayers.  When he says J's they sound like "ts" or "z" sound.  So we like to tease him and tell him he is Joker instead of Batman.  He says, "I'm not zoker, I'm Batman!"  The way he says his name is the cutest.  Jared has the cutest teeth and his smile makes us melt.  
We went through a few weeks this summer where the kids were obsessed with making and painting salt dough creations.

Can't get enough of Brady.

The first day of school.  It took a while for Jared and Brady to get used to be the only ones at home.  School starts at 7:45, so it helps us to get moving in the morning.
Tanner started 1st grade this year.  He is really growing up and becoming a good boy.  Tanner still loves his blanket more than anything.  He loves jumping on the trampoline with anyone who will jump with him.  Tanner is a great friend to Travis.  Brady and Jared both adore Tanner and light up whenever he is around.  He still loves to eat anything and everything.  There are plenty of meals where he out eats Eric.  Tanner has lost 6 teeth now and is one of the fastest little boys I've met.  He has such a great imagination and uses it daily/differently with each of his siblings.
Travis started Kindergarten this year and it has been a little adjustment.  We didn't put him in any preschool, so he has been getting used to having to sit still and listen.  Travis still goes from one obsession to the next.  He went from tigers to transformers to Scooby Doo, and is currently loving Ben10.  He loves drawing and building stuff with Legos.  Travis is now reading at a second grade level and constantly blows us away when we're reading scriptures and he can read the verses by himself without sounding them out.  Travis is working hard on writing and focusing.  Whenever he is awake when Eric leaves, Travis runs out to him as he's leaving and with the cutest look on his face, signs I Love You.
Aubree is a 2nd grader this year.  Her teacher just loves her and she is perfect at school.  Aubree is learning a lot and love seeing her in bed, reading her books.  She is really into Lego Friends and builds some really cool stuff (especially when she has friends over).  Aubree is such a great big sister and is so helpful.  She loves riding her scooter and bike all over the place.  Aubree still loves doing CrossFit workouts with us and can do a few strict pull-ups.  She loves cooking, but especially loves doing any kind of craft.  Aubs would be a happy girl if she could do crafts and nails all day.  She has gotten really good at doing nails and has even given me a few pedicures/manicures.  Aubree has to share a room with Jared at this house and is so patient with him.  The other night, Eric was snuggling with her as she was going to sleep and Jared turned the light on.  Aubs looks at Eric and sighed, then said, "Welcome to my life!"

Proud of this girl!

Jared lives in his new Batman pajamas that have a cape.
The family who own the house we live in and lived here before us, have a son named Andrew.  Near the front door, he wrote his name, and every time I walk in the house, I see his name, and it reminds me of our angel son.  I am so thankful for the many happy memories I have of Andrew and for the reminders in my life that God is aware of me and my family.  I embrace the reminders of Andrew - they don't bring me down, rather, they lift me up and motivate me to live and be better.

Next month, on October 12th, we celebrate Andrew's 4th birthday.  We miss him, and we love him.  We are so thankful that God loves us enough and trusts us enough to bless us with the opportunity to not only have a house full of living children, but to have an angel in our home also.