Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pictures Pictures Pictures

I have a bunch of pictures from before, during, and after the wedding.
Aubs reading with Trav.
It was somewhat nice last week and I turned on the sprinklers for the kids. Travis and Aubree ended up in a warm "pool" and Tanner on the porch.

Love this pic of our boys. They are so great!
My sisters Amy and Leslie and Jon's wedding with Amy's son Taylor.
We combined three cars of people in to two packed cars, so Amy got to take Aubree and Tanner with her. She is very patient.
Amy had her 30th birthday on the day of the wedding, so we celebrated with cake before we left.
Cousins at Grandma's house for Amy's birthday.
Aubree has face painting kit that has some patterns for drawing on hands and legs. She did a good job with her rainbow sock.
Sisters Sara and Leslie at wedding.
Leslie and Claire
Isaac with my Dad.
Isaac and Aubs waiting outside of the temple. Looks like Isaac wants to fight.
My sister Jackie came to town without her family. She lives in Georgia. It was fun to see her. My Grandma and my Dad are next to her.
Tanner giving Jon and Diana hugs when they came out. He still asks to go back to Diana's.
Eric keeping Andrew in the shade.
I have some professional pics that were taken mixed in. Sara and Jackie with Jon the night before he got married.
5 of my siblings: Leslie, Steve, Tom, Sara, and Jackie
Sara wrote a song for the couple and she sang it at the wedding luncheon. Jon sang the last first to Diana, it was really cute.
One of my favorite pictures of Jon and Diana. After the sealing, the sealer asked them to exchange rings and Jon tried to discreetly put on his ring (he was having a hard time getting it on). The sealer asked to look at it and Jon had put it on his pinky cause they had left his ring in their car. It was pretty funny.
Our whole family picture. It is only missing Jackie's husband and two girls.
Aubs started feeling pretty sick at the reception. I love that she still tries to smile for the picture. She was SO tired and not feeling well at all.
The three single girls left in our family. Mary, Sara, and Leslie. I sure love these girls. They are the best Aunts ever.
Our attempt to do a family picture at the reception. The photographer laughed while he was trying to get a good one.
The above and below pictures are classic Tanner. He shoves as much food in his mouth as he can. This boy loves to eat!

Andrew is the sweetest boy. He is so pleasant and happy!
I have been wanting to add individual updates about the kids, so when I print our blog onto a book it will be cool to look back and have more details about each kid and their personalities and stuff. So... this part is for journalling.

Aubree> She is 4 and a half and acts like she is a teenager already. She is such a good big sister. She always tells Andrew how much she loves him and tells him she wants to kiss him on the lips. She tells him she loves him more than anyone. Aubree loves playing Cuties, Chutes and Ladders, Guess Who?, and Memory. She loves to read all sorts books. She will "read" the book I am going to read to her before I read it to her. It is funny the story she comes up with from the pictures. Aubree has such a good heart. If she is beating us at Cuties, she will try to do what she can to help us win. She is getting really good at cleaning and organizing her room. I went to look at the work she had done and I told her how good she was at organizing and she said, "You are really good too, Mom." She is in preschool, but would rather be at home with her brothers. Aubree loves to do crafts and make things. She is a wonderful helper and is always willing to do whatever I need.

Tanner> He is 10 months younger than Aubs and is growing up so fast. He loves his blanket that his Grandma made for him. If he gets hurt, he runs to get his blankie before he comes to Eric or I. Tanner has a crazy memory. He will watch a movie once or read a book once and have lines memorized. He will randomly throw out lines that keep us guessing where he gets them from. Tanner is always wanting to help. If we are cooking anything he wants to be right there helping and stirring and watching. Tanner loves to eat. He honestly downs more food than Eric some days. He is a really big tease. There is a way he says Travis' name that drives Travis crazy. He knows exactly what buttons to push on people. Tanner loves to snuggle and be held.

Travis> He is almost 2 and a half and is a funny boy. He is starting to talk like crazy. He is putting sentences together and communicate really well. I love the way he talks. Travis loves his siblings, especially Andrew. He is always hugging him and kissing him and getting him toys. He loves it when I let him hold Andrew. Tanner used to yell for Eric and I to come cover him up after he was already in bed. He knew that would get us to come in his room. Travis has now picked that up. Travis will lay and yell for us to cover him up. When we come in, he gets the biggest grin on his face. He will already be covered up. Travis loves letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. He knows really random shapes and colors. He is constantly saying words to us and then telling us what letter it starts with. Travis loves to eat cereal.

Andrew> He is almost 8 months old, weighs 21 pounds, and is as sweet as they come. A lot of days, he is my sanity. He is constantly nice and so happy regardless of what the day throws at him. He is sitting pretty well all by himself. He isn't crawling yet, but gets to what he wants most of the time. He does a good job of pivoting around on his stomach. Andrew is super ticklish, especially under his chin. He is jabbering a lot. He still has no teeth, but you can feel some good bumps on the bottom. Andrew can't get enough of solid foods. At one meal, after a bottle, he can eat a bowl full of rice cereal with a jar of fruit and a jar a vegetables. Somedays he would rather eat the solid foods than his bottle.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding in Twin Falls

We had the chance this last weekend to go to my little brother's wedding. He got married in the Twin Falls Temple to a girl named Diana from Burley. They were so cute together and so happy. It was a good 9 hour drive there on Friday, wedding and festivities on Saturday and another good 9 hour drive on Sunday. The kids are still recuperating from the weekend. We all slept most of yesterday. It was so fun to see all our family and party for a few days together.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


LOVE this picture of Trav. I got the rest of the pictures from the temple from our friend who took them and besides our family pic, this one was my favorite. This was Travis' mood throughout all the pictures.
My same talented photographer friend spent a minute with Tanner and came back with this picture. I LOVE this pic of Tanner. He is so cute. I love his smile.
Travis decided to take the stickers out of Tanner's sticker book and he put them on Andrew. I love how Andrew is looking at Trav. They are so cute together.
Andrew is such a sweetheart. He is such a pleasant boy and we are so grateful for him.
Aubree had her last soccer game on Saturday. She loved being out, running around, and playing on Aunt Amy's team with her cousin, Isaac.

When we put Travis to bed at night he goes straight to the side of his crib and does a headstand. He will stay there for minutes at a time and he thinks he is hilarious.
We had a great Mother's day. This is a picture of the kids before church. Aubree and Tanner sang with the primary. It was really cute. I am very thankful for my Mom and for Eric's Mom. They are about as special as they come. We are also especially thankful for our birth-moms.
I had my "big" ultrasound this last week. Since we weren't planning on finding out if our baby is a boy or girl, I wasn't really counting down to this appointment. The baby is healthy and I am now over 20 weeks and on the downhill. I am feeling pretty good, just still looking more chubby than pregnant.

Grandpa Nygard had a Teaching Conference in town and stopped in for a visit. He did his duty of calming the kids down for bedtime.

The grandkids prepared a song for my mom on Mother's day. It was so cute.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shout Out to Sare

My little sister, Sara got her second Bachelors degree today. She graduated today from the University of Utah Nursing school. She is awesome and one of the best parts of her finishing up school, is she will be moving to Seattle this summer with us to find a job. We are so proud of you, Sare!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time Out

This last weekend I had the opportunity of going to Time Out for Women here in Spokane. I am so grateful for the chance that I had to go and get my "cup" refilled. I was really needing it and it seemed like each speaker was telling me exactly what I needed to hear. My heart has been so full since I got home on Saturday. For the rest of Saturday evening I was on the verge of tears just looking at the kids we've been blessed with raising. Before I went to make this post I saw the Mormon Message below by Stephanie Nielson. I had started reading her blog a while a little while before the plane crash and was already inspired by her, but since the crash she has completely become by hero. Her message really touched me and strengthened my resolve to be a better mom. I am so grateful to be a mom!