Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time Out

This last weekend I had the opportunity of going to Time Out for Women here in Spokane. I am so grateful for the chance that I had to go and get my "cup" refilled. I was really needing it and it seemed like each speaker was telling me exactly what I needed to hear. My heart has been so full since I got home on Saturday. For the rest of Saturday evening I was on the verge of tears just looking at the kids we've been blessed with raising. Before I went to make this post I saw the Mormon Message below by Stephanie Nielson. I had started reading her blog a while a little while before the plane crash and was already inspired by her, but since the crash she has completely become by hero. Her message really touched me and strengthened my resolve to be a better mom. I am so grateful to be a mom!

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Ryan & Brooke said...

How are you going to fit one more kid in that tub?