Tuesday, May 11, 2010


LOVE this picture of Trav. I got the rest of the pictures from the temple from our friend who took them and besides our family pic, this one was my favorite. This was Travis' mood throughout all the pictures.
My same talented photographer friend spent a minute with Tanner and came back with this picture. I LOVE this pic of Tanner. He is so cute. I love his smile.
Travis decided to take the stickers out of Tanner's sticker book and he put them on Andrew. I love how Andrew is looking at Trav. They are so cute together.
Andrew is such a sweetheart. He is such a pleasant boy and we are so grateful for him.
Aubree had her last soccer game on Saturday. She loved being out, running around, and playing on Aunt Amy's team with her cousin, Isaac.

When we put Travis to bed at night he goes straight to the side of his crib and does a headstand. He will stay there for minutes at a time and he thinks he is hilarious.
We had a great Mother's day. This is a picture of the kids before church. Aubree and Tanner sang with the primary. It was really cute. I am very thankful for my Mom and for Eric's Mom. They are about as special as they come. We are also especially thankful for our birth-moms.
I had my "big" ultrasound this last week. Since we weren't planning on finding out if our baby is a boy or girl, I wasn't really counting down to this appointment. The baby is healthy and I am now over 20 weeks and on the downhill. I am feeling pretty good, just still looking more chubby than pregnant.

Grandpa Nygard had a Teaching Conference in town and stopped in for a visit. He did his duty of calming the kids down for bedtime.

The grandkids prepared a song for my mom on Mother's day. It was so cute.

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