Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Matthew James Nygard

Finally a quick update.  With a broken laptop and mostly sitting down to breastfeed, it has taken me way too long to do this update.  I wanted to make sure and get Matthew's birth story written before I started forgetting details. 
Matthew James Nygard was born February 21st, at 11:42am.  He weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 20 inches long.  Eric happened to be on his medicine rotation this month, so he working long hours.  He ended up working 17 days straight before he took the day off when I was supposed to be induced.  With all of my previous deliveries, I have gotten very far dilated without going into labor, so my doctor decided to induce me at 39 weeks.  Anyways, we went into the hospital to be induced at 7pm.  I was around 5cm and having a little labor, but not "in" labor.  I wanted to try to labor on my own for a while, so I wouldn't have to have the epidural very long.  They started me pitocen and labored(tried to get sleep too) till about 6am.  The doctor came in and broke my water.  At this point I really wanted an epidural.  Matthew was turned and I was having a lot of back labor pain.  This was the most pain I had felt with any of my deliveries and I was hoping the anesthesiologist would be in quick.  I even asked the nurse to come turn off the pit till I got my epidural.  So, I got my blessed epidural and labored till just after 11 when the nurse said he was crowning.  Doctor came in, turned classical musical on her iPhone, and I pushed Matthew out on my second push.  They had me remove my gown and pretty much deliver him onto my chest once his shoulders had cleared.  He came out chubby and grunting.  The nurses all thought he was over 9lbs by how he looked.  
My Mom had flown in the night I was induced, so when Brady woke up and my Mom was there, he did not like that.  He become a big boy over night.  Brady is such a great big brother and loves his "Nafu."
My Mom stayed for 2 whole weeks and it was the perfect amount of time for me to feel like I could do it by myself again.  My mom is so great.  She did everything, so I could focus on Matthew.  I have had my best recovery this time around and was able to be back to the gym at 4 weeks.  I told Eric that this was our last kid with him in school/residency.  Each one has gotten a little harder...
This was the first smile I was able to get on camera of Matthew.  We think he looks the most like Jared.  
 Easter Sunday picture.
 Eric's siblings like to get married right after I have a baby.  I love it…  This time Matthew was barely six weeks old, when Eric's sister Lynnette married my cousin Andy.  We drove to Utah for the wedding and loved spending time with family.
 This picture is everyone who came to the wedding.  It was such a fun wedding for us, since we were family with both the bride and grooms family.  It was like a huge family reunion.
Lynnette and Andy with all the Nygard grandkids who were there. 
All the Nygard's minus Kevin's family. 
Aubree and two cousins.
 Brady is as sweet as they come.  Eric took this picture of Brady one night while laying him down.
When Matthew smiles, his whole body smiles.  He is getting so big and chubby.  He weighs almost 17lbs and is in the 90th percentile.
Our CrossFit box did a competition at the beginning of May.  Eric's team did great.  He did amazingly well for getting 1-2 workouts in a week.
Last minute a girls team needed an extra person, so I even got the chance to compete.
Matthew was blessed last month in church.  I'm glad I got this picture of him before church.  He was one of three babies being blessed, and as it was about his turn, he started fussing and as soon as I lifted his carseat cover, I knew he had pooped.  I lifted him up and there was poop all down his leg and all over his outfit.  Eric grabbed his while blanket and just wrapped it around Matthew's bottom half.  Matthew ended up screaming through the entire blessing.  I'm glad that wasn't my first baby blessing.  Poor boy.
Jared after a haircut.
Travman got student of the month in April.
Love being able to workout with and coach these awesome ladies.
Jared is the only kid that I have to worry about leaving alone with Matthew.
While we were in Utah for the wedding, Brady turned 2.  He is the best!
Lynnette right after the wedding with Aubs.
Brady getting into Eric's protein powder.
Matthew sleeping (he wasn't quite a month old in this picture).
While Aubree, Matthew and I were at the Women's Broadcast, Eric took all the rest of the boys to Old Country Buffet.  Tanner ended up eating 11 plates of food.  Jared loved the ice cream.
All the kids love holding Matt.
8 weeks 
Eric's brother Brandon and his family came to visit us for a week at the end of May.  It was so fun having them here and spending time with them.  Brandon and Janelle cooked lots of meals, cleaned (mopped our floors), and played with our kids.  We really miss being close to family.
I was trying to get 3 month of pics of Matthew, and Brady didn't want to be left out.

 Such a sweet boy.  He has taken me a lot longer to get sleeping through the night, but he is there now and it is heavenly.  Last night he even went 7-6am!
 Sunday morning Brady woke up just as I was going to lay Matthew down, so I quickly got Brady dressed so I could finally have a good picture of these awesome kids.

Not sure about this picture.  I just found it on my camera...
Aubree now wears glasses!
We're still looming here and Brady even tries.
This last week, Eric and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary.  I am so grateful Heavenly Father blessed me with the perfect person for me.  He is the most patient/kind/good person I know.  Eric is such a great husband and a way better dad than I could've ever imagined.  I'm so grateful for his hard work.  He has been going to school for 12 years now.  One more year and we get to enter the "real" world and get settled.  I'm excited to see our life continue to unfold and I appreciate Eric so much.