Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baby Boy

We are having another boy! We are excited and he is healthy and growing well.  

I thought I was having a girl this time, since I was more sick during this pregnancy.  Each of my pregnancies have been so different.  Every time I hear the baby's heartbeat or see him on an ultrasound, it is still surreal to me that Heavenly Father let us get pregnant again.  

Aubree was hoping for a sister, but she has come to grips with having another brother already.  

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We find out tomorrow whether this special boy is going to have a little sister or a little brother...

Jared is within a week of the age Andrew was when he passed away.  Eric and I, both take every opportunity we can to squeeze, snuggle, kiss, hold, and appreciate every little thing he does.  It is hard to lay him down to sleep at night and I don't like it when he sleeps in. 

We are so grateful Heavenly Father blessed us with the miracle of Jared.  He has filled our arms and helped every one of us in our healing.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011


It seemed like Halloween lasted forever with all of the dressing up that the kids did and all the candy we had.  We had Tanner's party, a city carnival, our ward Trunk of Treat, and we took the kids trick or treating for their first time.
 Travvy the Pirate
Aubree was a witch (she dressed as something different every chance she could) 
 I think we only dressed Jared up for the trunk or treat.
I accidentally deleted off my camera the picture I had of Tanner the horse.  
Sara came with us to the truck or treat.  Looking at this picture reminded me of last year when we had all our kids at the trunk or treat.  Jared is sucking on a sucker above, just like Andrew is below.

Travis loved dumping out his candy and picking it up, over and over. 
 We have had the opportunity to live close to family (Eric's brother) for the last year, but they will be moving next month.  The kids sure have enjoyed their great cousins.
 We had our ward Primary Program the day before Halloween, so Eric's family came into town to watch.  Eric's little sisters and Aubree got a hold of my camera and took tons of pictures.  Aubree sure LOVES her aunts.
Cute Lynnette 
 Uncle Brandon came too.  We didn't get a picture of Grandpa and Grandma Nygard.  We sure appreciated them coming to watch.
Beautiful Aubree!  Love this girl! 
Love this picture! I love how Tann has his hand on Andrew's head.  
Oh, how I miss this perfect boy.  He had the BEST ears and lips.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

We have another 5 year old...

A few weeks ago our little Tanner boy turned 5.  I can't believe that he is 5... Tanner is such an awesome kid.  I took some pictures of him for his birthday party invitation.
Tanner is such a fun boy.  He is our loudest and most outgoing child.  He is such a good brother to his siblings.  Jared, especially loves Tanner.  Tanner can make him laugh better than anyone else.  Jared lights up when Tanner comes into the room.   
 Tanner is a really smart kid.  He memorizes things really quickly, is starting to read really well, and is improving a ton in his writing.
 Tanner's laugh and smile are infectious.  Tanner has a heart of gold and we are so grateful for him.

We had a fun birthday party with lots of friends.  Tanner dressed as a cowboy for his party.  We had donuts on a string contest.  It was pretty entertaining watching the different strategies to try and eat the donut.  Tanner tried wedging it between his shoulder and cheek.  
 Girls turn
 Aubree did awesome.  I wish I had a picture of Travis trying to eat his donut with his hat on.

Tanner was in heaven with everyone singing to him and so many people who loved him around.  I didn't get any pictures of his birthday day or any of Tanner opening his presents.
I love Tann's face at the end and when he makes a quick wish.  I think he wished something about getting married.  Happy Birthday Tanner!