Thursday, November 17, 2011


We find out tomorrow whether this special boy is going to have a little sister or a little brother...

Jared is within a week of the age Andrew was when he passed away.  Eric and I, both take every opportunity we can to squeeze, snuggle, kiss, hold, and appreciate every little thing he does.  It is hard to lay him down to sleep at night and I don't like it when he sleeps in. 

We are so grateful Heavenly Father blessed us with the miracle of Jared.  He has filled our arms and helped every one of us in our healing.  


Melanie said...

OH...he is a sweet boy.

Good luck tomorrow. How exciting!

The Thackers said...

Oh, Jenny...I can't imagine how you must feel right now. Please give your cute little Jared a squeeze from me. He's such a cuddler. :-) I know you think about Andrew every day. You are in my thoughts during this holiday season. I know it will hold plenty of bitter sweet moments and memories. Love you.