Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our Baby is One!

This is a month late and he already has a few more teeth, but better late, then never...
Brady is as sweet as they come.  Whenever he smiles, he likes to crinkle up his nose. 
Brady is a happy boy who loves to always be around his siblings.
He is standing on his own, but not walking yet.
Brady loves teasing and if any of the kids are on the ground he crawls over and attacks them.
Brady is weighing in at 27lbs and has the best chubby rolls.
We didn't do much for his birthday, but we did do cake.

Brady loved it!

Sure love this boy.

We can't get enough of this sweet boy.  Brady is such a nice boy and gives us the best smiles. 
 Happy Birthday Brady!!!


Katie The Lady said...

He makes the best faces!

Winders said...


Melanie said...

SO SO CUTE! Can't believe he is one year! YEAY FOR BRADY!