Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mary's Wedding

My little sister, Mary got married on March 30th to Parker Wood.  She looked beautiful.  We are very proud of Mary and are excited for these guys.  Mary was able to go through the temple the night before, and it was the first time that all of my siblings along with my parents were all in the temple together.
While we waited for Mary and Parker to come out, Travis had to "transform."
Most of my parents grandkids at the temple.
Love this picture.  Mary's bouquet was beautiful and Parker had the coolest boutonniere too.

It was so fun to have so much family in town.
Jackie and her husband came from Georgia.
Aubs and her buddies.

Travis with my Dad.
My sister, Amy's youngest Lincoln.
My brother Steve, with Austin.
Jared was reunited with his best friend, Sara.
Cute Tann
Austin and Jay
My Grandma Wilson playing with Brady.
Jon, Leslie and Amy.
Love my Grandma Wilson.  It was great to have her in town.
My Dad, Uncle Steve, brother's Tom and Steve, and Steve's wife, Kim.
Aubree helping Mary with her bouquet.
My Mom did an easter egg hunt for the kids after the wedding and before the reception. 
Jare and Sare at the reception.
With the wedding being Easter weekend, we saved coloring eggs for the next week.  Jared could've dyed the eggs for hours.


Laura and crew said...

You guys make me want to keep having more and more babies because of all the happiness that comes from eternal families and celestial marriages and grandparents and babies and everything in between! Miss you all!

Melanie said...

She did look beautiful! Happy Marriage Mary!

Love the pics, as always.