Wednesday, November 21, 2012


We had our ward Trunk of Treat the Saturday before Halloween.  Eric was gone to Pittsburg and New York for interviews, so I got to brave it on my own.  Jared really didn't want to wear a costume, but right as I put him in his car seat I slipped him into a chicken costume.  He found a witch hat and loved wearing it.
Brady was the chubbiest dragon.
Tanner and his buddy, Aiden.
Aubree, Travis, Tanner, and Aiden at the Truck or Treat.
We had fun carving pumpkins this year.  I didn't get a final picture of the pumpkins when we were done though.
Tanner was really good at carving.
Aubree ended up cleaning almost all of the pumpkins out.
Brady got to sit and watch.

These are on Halloween before we went Trick or Treating.  Eric was still gone at his interviews, but Sara was back from her European travels and was there to help.
Jared loved Trick or Treating.  He was so cute saying Trick or Treat and Thank You.  As we would walk to the next house he kept saying, "Halloween" to himself.  
After almost 3 weeks for being in and out of town, Eric is back home.  Interviews went good and we find out next week where we match at.  Eric even got to experience Hurricane Sandy while in New York and walk to his interview in Brooklyn in the rain/wind.

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