Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Year Down...

Eric finished his 3rd year of dental school last week.  I can't believe how close we are to being done.  I have been taking pictures of the first and last days of each of his years of dental school so far.  It is fun to see how much our family has changed.   We have added a baby to our family every year of dental school so far.
1st day of 1st year
Aubree (3), Travis (1), Tanner (2)
Last day of 1st year
Tanner (3), Aubree (4), Travis (2),  and Andrew (8 months)
1st day of 2nd year
Tanner (3), Aubree (4),  Jared (2 weeks), Andrew (1), Travis (2)
Last day of 2nd year
Travis (3), Aubree (5), Jared (9 months), and Tanner (4) 
  1st day of 3rd year
Tanner (4), Travis (3), Jared (1), and Aubree (5)
Last day of 3rd year
Travis (4), Tanner (5), Jared (1), Brady (2 months), and Aubree (6)
All of the rest are from last week.  They make me laugh looking at our attempts at getting a picture. Jared did not want to take pictures.    

Happy Father's Day to Eric tomorrow!  He is such a great Dad and I am so grateful of the kind of dad he is.  Eric is so good at loving and taking care of the kids.  He is so patient with them and so helpful to me.  


Katie The Lady said...

Hey- I saw your hubby and kids at the Liberty Lake splash park earlier this week- they were so cute!

Laura and crew said...

I love that the ipad finally did the trick. I'm making a mental note of that the next time we attempt family pictures. :O)