Monday, September 19, 2011

Jared is 1!

Jared turned 1 on Wednesday (the day we got home from our vacation) and we made him a quick cake to celebrate his birthday.
Jared actually blew out his candle.  
Jared has been such a special blessing to our family.  He is our best snuggler, by far.  He loves laying on our shoulder and when he wakes up in the morning he will even snuggle in our bed for a while.  We have never had any of our kids do that.  
This perfect little boy has met the needs of each one of us so well.  He does the cutest "cheese" grin.
When I hold Jared and pat him on the back or scratch his back, he does the same thing back.  It is so cute to feel his little hand pat my back.  He is really good at waving and clapping.
Jared has 6 teeth and he's working on two more on the bottom. He is crawling all over the place, will walk along stuff, and will stand on his own for small periods of time.  He weighs almost 24lbs (I haven't taken him to his well-child appt yet).
Jared says Mama, Dada, Baba, Aira (Sara), and is good at communicating his needs to us.  He is becoming more and more of a Mommy's boy.  He has the cutest personality.  When people Jared doesn't know come near him, he smiles but buries his head shyly.  It is so cute.
Jared loves his food.  He is getting really good at eating with utensils.  We are slowing weaning him off the bottle and he is doing good with a sippy.
Jared enjoyed opening his presents.

We are so grateful for our little Jared.  He has made the last 9 months bearable for me.  We love you Jare!

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Katie The Lady said...

So cute!!!

Jared is just a couple weeks younger than my Jack.