Monday, September 19, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

After Andrew passed away, a few of Eric's teammates from the WSU track team (the same one's who sold bracelets to help pay Eric's medical bills) gave us a gift certificate to the Great Wolf Lodge.  With Eric finishing the boards last Friday, we scheduled it for the Monday after.  We spent three days and two nights and the kids have been asking daily to go back.  
Trav rocking out in the arcade.
Inside the lodge they had a huge water park with an awesome wave pool, toddler pools, five water slides and another pool to swim and play basketball in.  
Tanner and Aubs could've lived at the pool.
In the hotel part they had a magic quest thing where you followed clues and used a wand to go on different adventures.  It kept us busy when we weren't swimming.
Aubree was excited to get a picture with Violet the wolf.  When she saw this picture, she said we needed to frame it.
Jared didn't spend as much time at the pool, but when he was there he had fun crawling around and splashing.  It was awesome to have Eric all to ourselves for a few days. 
We had someone take a picture of us as we left.  We are very grateful for the kindness we have been shown.  Thank you to our friends who made this possible for us.  This was a perfect family vacation that we want to make a tradition of.  We thought and talked about Andrew a lot while we were there.  He would of had so much fun!
The kids were so tired.  Travis hasn't taken his hat off very much since we've been home.

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