Monday, September 19, 2011

Miss You

I have so many pictures on my hard drive that it is full.  I have been taking some time this week cleaning up some of the pictures and getting stuff moved to my external hard drive.  Anyways, as I was looking through pictures I found some one's I had forgotten and made me smile and miss Andrew all over again. He is so so perfect!  I love his face so much in the picture above.  He would always make this face cause he knew it would crack us up.  It was so cute and he could do it on cue.
I never realized how many pictures I have of Andrew with graham cracker on his face.  His mouth is so perfect.
I love Andrew's eyes.  I always felt like he saw so much more in me that I ever saw in myself.
Oh, I love Andrew's smile.  
How cute is that profile?! Andrew had the floppiest ears.  I loved rubbing them and playing with them.  Look at those chubby cheeks!  I miss kissing those!
Andrew had the best worried look.  In almost all of our family pictures we have with him in them, he doesn't know the photographer, so he looks just plain worried.
I feel like I have been going getting so busy with life, the kids, being tired and not feeling too well that I'm so glad I have so many pictures of Andrew that I can go back and look at and realized how blessed I am.  We were so blessed with this perfect boy in our family.  I thank Heavenly Father everyday for our sweet Andrew.  


Trevor and Holly said...

He sure is one perfect little boy. He is so blessed to have you for a mom. It will be such a sweet reunion when you meet again. I am so happy for you guys to be adding another little angel. You guys are such an amazing family. Love you.

Emma and Dan said...

His worried face looks a little "Blue Steel" to me. :) What an adorable boy!

I'm SOOO glad that you were able to have a family vacation at Great Wolf! There is something so awesome about the occasional family vacation where you don't go to visit extended family. I know that sounds bad, but I'm sure you know what I mean. You just get to spend so much TOGETHER without worrying about anyone else.

Melanie said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I LOVE the worried face. That is so sweet.

Adam & Brandi said...

He truly is an angel. Perfect in every way. How blessed you are to have been/to be his parents. We think about you guys often. We love your family and the extraordinary examples that you are. We love you!