Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Ones

 We have been needing new pictures for our fireplace mantle for a while.  The ones we have up are over a year old.  I haven't been in much of a hurry, since those were the pictures we had up before Andrew died.   I am reminded that I'm not going to have a new picture of Andrew.
 The first four of each of the kids are the best for each.  

The rest of the pictures are ones that we really like.  I really love this one of Jared, but the tree blurred out in the back of his head was too distracting. 

 Tanner is such a funny boy.
 Tann has the most infectious laugh.

 Aubs couldn't wait till I could take a picture of her jumping.

 My hott husband!  I'm so grateful for him!  Today, we celebrate 9 years since we met at a tiny single's ward dance in Moses Lake.
Eric not only passed his National Boards, but he did really well on them.  We are so grateful for Eric's hard work.  It has been so fun to have him around more.  I 

Jared was starting to cry, so Eric started doing something crazy behind me.  The boys thought it was pretty funny (Toot noises may have been involved...).


Shannon B said...

What handsomely beautiful children you have!!

The Thackers said...

Oh, I miss you guys!! What great pictures of your kiddos. Jared is so so so cute and getting so big!! Also, way to go Eric for doing so well on his board exams!

Melanie said...

The toot noises always seem to do it don't they?

Those pics turned out beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Not only are they cute, they look really happy!

Emma and Dan said...

Those are fantastic pics of the kids, but don't forget to get in the picture yourself every now and then. :)