Friday, September 21, 2012

Kara & Ben's Wedding

Three posts this week!  I am going to get caught up.  I am only a month behind now.  At the beginning of August we went to Portland for Eric's sister, Kara's wedding.
Lynnette helped take care of our kids while Eric and I were in the Temple.
Tanner is going to love this picture when he is older...
Sara drove down to Portland with some friends and met us at the temple to help.

Jared would not stop trying to climb into the fountain.
Eric's sister Anita had a baby three weeks after I did.
Jared and Uncle Brandon
Kara and Ben May!  They are an awesome couple and we are so happy for them.
More with Uncle Brandon.
The only picture I got of the posing before the photographer asked me not to take anymore. 


They had a really fun reception with lots of dancing.  I think Jared loved dancing the most.

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Melanie said...

Jared loved the dancing most? What about Tanner? Isn't he the man with all the moves? Or is Jared just following in his footsteps?

So fun. Beautiful Bride. Beautiful pictures.