Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jared is 2!

Jared turned two a couple weeks ago.  I can't believe he is already two.
Jared has the cutest personality.  He has the best smile.
Jared loves to get into everything.  Any cup that has anything liquid in it, has to be played with (dumped).  He loves doing the dishes and brushing his teeth.
Jared loves animals, dirt, trains, spiders, and hats.  He loves Sara.  I have to keep an eye on him and her door shut tight in the mornings, cause he wants his Sare.  He is going to go through withdrawals when Sara stops living with us. 
Jared gives the best hugs.  Whenever we come home, most the time it is Eric, Jared runs full speed and gives the best full squeezy hugs.  He is so good at snuggling!
Jared is a huge tease.  He loves to tease all his siblings, but especially knows how to get Travis to squeal.  Jared loves pouring cold water on whoever is in the bath/shower.  He is constantly making Eric and I laugh and smile.
Jared's Birthday was the same day that we have our CrossFit at our house, so we had a little party right after one of our workouts.  All my friends who come workout have kids who are around the same age as Jared.
 Jared was pretty excited I let him hold Jared for this picture.  Such cute kids!
We had a family picnic/party at the park that evening.  Jared LOVED blowing out the candles and he was so good at it.  He wanted us to keep lighting his candles over and over.
Jared is such a good brother. 
Jared now stays in nursery.  He cries for a little bit, doesn't really like that he has to go, but he does go. 
Jared is such a sweet boy.  He has filled our arms and has filled our hearts with love and happiness when we needed it the most.  He has been such a blessing to our family and we are so excited to see Jared's personality blossom.

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Melanie said...

No way! He's TWO? Where has time gone? It's just crazy. CRAZY!

What a cute boy! Happy Birthday buddy!