Thursday, September 20, 2012

Huge Update

The keyboard on my laptop had something spilled in it, so it takes me forever to type anything.  I am falling so far behind and have just decided to post all the pictures with less words.  It will take me a while to 
 Cute Brady 

Love those dimples.

We went to a few of the kid Track Meets.
Travis needed some help so that he could stay focused enough to finish the race.  He "transformed" a few times on the track.
Tanner performing.
Whenever Travis wants our attention he holds our cheeks and directs our eyes to his. 
Tanner medaled for his age group.
Travis had a minor surgery a few months ago that Eric took him too.
Cute boy with his popscicle.
We have been able to visit Wenatchee a few times. 
Aubree and Tanner thought they needed life jackets to play in Grandma's new pool.

We have also been able to visit my parents in Spokane also.

While in Spokane, my sister Amy's family took us out on their boat.  Jared was happy playing on the beach.

Tanner lost his 3rd tooth. 
Do they look alike?
Jared and Tanner wanted in on the picture.
Jared loves to wear hats.
Love this Brady boy!

At the end of the summer we put the older three kids in summer camp together.  Jared was lost without them.
There wasn't enough pics of Aubree in this post, so here is one from our family reunion with her new bangs.

Eric has been Crossfit training the missionaries and so we have been able to get to know them really well.  We had them over for dinner the night before Elder Mackey was transferred.  Tanner and Travis now love to pretend that they are Elders Mackey and Prince, and they call Eric "Brother Nygard."

Please don't forget Andrew's Day of Kindness (October 12)

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