Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aubree is 6!

I can't believe our little girl is 6!  She is one-of-a-kind.  Aubree has a maturity and understanding of life that people twice her age don't have.  She loves do anything to do with crafts.  She loves making necklaces, painting, drawing, and creating masterpieces with glue, scissors, and paper.
We started our the school year home schooling Aubree, but I didn't feel like I was able to give her all the attention she needed with it.  We felt it was time to start her in school and Aubs started Kindergarten a little before Thanksgiving.  She has loved going to school and has excelled.  She counted to 100 in front of her class to join the 100 Club. 
She was also the first person in her class to pass off all of her sight words and earn a medal.  Aubree loves to read, write, and learn.

I need to take a picture of how Aubree dresses everyday.  She has more style in one hand than I do in my whole body.  I love to see how she dresses and accessorizes herself.
We were in Wenatchee for Aubree's birthday and we had a chocolate peanut butter cake.  
Aubree has lots of Aunts and Uncles who love her and she has a cute relationship with each one of them.  
Aubree is such a good big sister.  She has so much love for her brothers (especially Andrew and Jared).    She helps me so much with feeding the boys, cleaning, organizing, and pretty much anything I need done.  She is good at being aware of how I am doing.  If she notices I am having a hard time (emotional) she will come and rub my back and give me a hug.
We are so grateful for Aubree's birth mom and her sacrifice and immense love for Aubs.  
We love you, Aubree!
I find pictures of our family drawn by Aubree all of the time.  I found this one on a little post-it note at Eric's parents house.  I love how she portrays Andrew as an angel and Jared the crawler.  


The Thackers said...

She really is such a sweet, beautiful, special girl!! Happy Birthday, Aubree!! :-)

PS- I LOVE her family picture!!

Alea said...

She is so stinkin' adorable!! How beautiful are her eyes?!?! I can't believe I used to snuggle her as an infant at church, and now she's SIX!! Miss you guys! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Aubree!!

Juliana said...

BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!! Thank you for sharing your story!