Friday, January 6, 2012

Travis is 4!

Travvy Man turned 4 on December 8th.  He is growing up too fast.  
Travis is a very particular boy (he likes things a certain way).  He would wear the outfit above everyday if I let him.  Travis goes through stages of what he likes to have with him at all times.  The Great Wolf Lodge hat only leaves his head for church, baths, and prayers.  He even sleeps with it on.  He went through a couple day stage where he wore this scarf around his neck.  
Trav had been saying for months that he wanted a spider cake.  He helped me make it himself.  
Travis loves spending his time with Tanner.  They get each other giggling all of the time.  They are such buds.  
Travis loves to color and has gotten really good at it.  His writing has gotten really good too (especially writing his name).
Travis loves all animals and especially loves Tigers.  He knows more about animals than I do.  He can teach about the different types of tigers, all about camels, the difference between leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, and knows tons of random animals.  
Travis says the cutest prayers.  He always prayers for the the Great "New" Wolf Lodge, to go to Sister McCalls house, that we won't fall down or won't get hurt, that we won't kick anyone, and then will have a part that changes depending on if we are praying for a meal or if he is praying before he goes to bed.  
Love this boy and we are so grateful him.


Kisu said...
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Kisu said...

Nygard is finland's the most successful rap artist :'D so funny :)