Friday, January 6, 2012

Before Christmas Break

We love Christmastime at our house.  Eric finished his finals a few days before we left town, so we were able to spend some fun time together.  The kids have started being really helpful in the kitchen.  
Travis making our pizza for dinner.
Sometimes I will take whatever Jared keeps himself busy with.  It is so cute when he hauls this huge thing around.
Aubree, Tann, and Trav all had fun decorating our gingerbread house.  Every year they are getting better and better.  I wish I had a picture of their final product.

Aubs keeping herself busy making necklaces.  
We celebrated Travis' birthday at the beginning of December (working on a post on that).
The kids made their own Santa ornaments.
Tanner and Travis peeled all of the potatoes for our Sunday dinner.  Being able to peel potatoes, makes them true Nygard's.
Travis has now added one of Eric's old Track & Field backpacks as a way to always have his "stuff" with him.
Jared got into Tanner's special bag of sprinkles.  

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