Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

These first three pictures are from when we were in Wenatchee before Andrew was born and I just found them. We went to an orchard and picked all the apples we wanted. The kids loved it.

Tanner put on Trav's costume from last year. I love his smile!
The kids and I carved pumpkins this last week. Tanner is the only kid that would help me gut them. Aubree didn't want to touch the guts.
Evening snack of popsicles and frozen gogurts.
Love this girl!

Trunk of Treat (Aubs is missing her witch hat and broom)
Travis trying to grab some extra candy.
The kids with Eric going through their loot.
Aubree and Tanner got colored dracula teeth at the truck or treat. I love how Tanner wore his so far inside of his mouth. He started to gag.

Andrew turned 3 weeks yesterday. I tried to take some pictures, but they turned out pretty blurry. Andrew is such a doll. His face changes everyday. Andrew is more of a mystery than our other kids, because we haven't even seen a picture of his birth parents. He is a wonderful baby. The last couple nights he has been sleeping 6 hours in a row, and last night he went 8! It was heavenly!

The kids can't get enough of Andrew. We got home from church and Eric had Andrew on the ground doing some tummy time and the boys both went and laid next to him. Aubs ran over for the picture. This picture makes me melt. We have been so blessed!

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