Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I got the kids dressed somewhat nice this last week, to see if I could get some good pictures. Aubree is the only one who will pose for me. She is such a sweetheart.
I love Aubs smile and laugh. She has the best sense of humor. She keeps Eric and I laughing.
I was thinking about Aubree and how mature she is. Travis is the age right now that Aubree was when Travis was born. She was so helpful and obedient for her age. We are grateful for this beautiful girl.
LOVE Trav's face in this picture. Travis is such a sweet boy. He can't get enough of his little brother. He always lays his head on him softly and says "Hi baby" in his motherese voice. It is so cute.
Aubs making faces at the ducks.
We went to Manito park to get out of the house and get some pictures. The boys loved chasing after the ducks and feeding them.
I got this elephant costume with an after halloween sale/coupon for $1 and Tanner wants to wear it all of the time. It is a little small and gives him a wedgie, but he is so cute in it. It has padding in all the right places.

Aubree gave her first talk in primary on Sunday. Her talk was on her family, so she wanted to write all of our names.
Seeing this picture makes me smile. It almost looks like a school picture. Tanner is so funny and so handsome! He is still wanting to go Trick or Treating every day.
I can't get enough of this boy. He is so kissable! Andrew turns 1 month old this week. I can't believe it has already been a month. It is so fun to have a newborn in our home again. Andrew is such a blessing to our family. He had his first official bath yesterday. His umbilical cord fell off an hour after he was circumcised (in case you were wondering:).
Tann and Trav having a snack before bedtime.


Debbie said...

Beautiful kids Jenny - you are getting some great shots with your camera! Andrew has changed so much. He is adorable!

bowman family said...

Hi Jenny- cute pics. I was wondering if I could get my cousin in touch with you. they have decided to adopt and she has a lot of questions. I told her to check out your blog, but could she also call you sometime? email me your phone # and I will pass it along if that's alright.
Thanks, Kim Bowman