Friday, November 27, 2009


I have been thinking a lot this week about all that I am thankful/grateful for, but I haven't got the chance to write out my list till after Thanksgiving. So, here goes...

*in no particular order

I am grateful to be living in near a temple.
I am grateful for our birth mothers and for our adoptions.
I am grateful that Eric is in dental school and that we get to stay close to home for his first year.
I am grateful to have family and help near.
I am grateful for the kids cousins.
I am grateful for our 6 week old who sleeps (10hr!) at night.
I am grateful to be able to "see" Eric using google chat. There are some weeks that the kids see Eric more on the computer than they do in real life.
I am grateful to be more in love today that I ever thought possible over 7 years ago.
I am grateful for my Mom. She allows us to visit a lot and comes to our house once a week so I can get errands done.
I am grateful for such a wonderful husband who is also the best dad.
I am grateful for Aubree. She is such a sweetheart and makes my life easier.
I am grateful for Tanner. He has such an awesome sense of humor and infectious smile.
I am grateful for Travis. He is such a mommy's boy and I love it.
I am grateful for Andrew. He his such a good baby and I can't get enough of him.

I am grateful for wonderful in-laws who let the kids and I stay at their house while Eric has too much studying.
I am grateful for the missionaries in our families. Brandon (above) just returned from Long Beach and Blake (below) is in Wisconsin.
I am so grateful for my family!


Tobler Bunch said...

That last picture of your family is absolutely priceless. You are so very inspiring to me and I have yet to meet you!

Adam & Brandi said...

That's awesome, 10 hours a night! Adalynn has done that a few times but not consistantly. She'll do like 8 then 2 kind of thing. A friend of mine gave me that book, baby wise, but I didn't even read it and gave it away. Now I'm wishing that I didn't. Because now I hear that EVERYONE is reading it. BUMMER! Maybe I should borrow yours! :)
Your Family is VERY adorable and I too love the last picture of your family. Precious.

Sierra LaPreil said...

You don't realize the value of a good night sleep till you have kids I've decided. Grace sleeps 5 hrs then nurses and then sleeps another 5 hrs and its amazing...thank you for telling me about babywise :) little andrew is soo cute!! as are all the rest as well.