Monday, October 26, 2009

And then there were 6!

Our first family picture with all six of us. Travis didn't want anything to do with it. As we were trying to take the pictures, Tanner turned to Eric and said, "Dad, this is our family." It was so cute!
We had our ward primary program yesterday and Aubree wouldn't say her part. She was being too shy. All of the sunbeams stood up to the microphone and told who was in their families. Aubree wouldn't even get off of her teachers lap.

Travis loves to color. I love it when he gets on his stomach to do it.
Trav man in the tub. I love his Nygard forehead.
Tanner turned 3 this week. He was meant to be born by Halloween. He loves everything to do with Halloween. He has to wearing his skeleton shirt, trick or treat shirt, or his batman costume at all times.

Tanner is such an awesome boy and we are so grateful to have him in our family. He is so full of personality and our family wouldn't be complete without him.
I found 3 different cake ideas that I wanted to make, and instead of making one big one, I made all 3 smaller ones. They didn't turn out like I had hoped, but Tanner loved them.
The kids can't get enough of Andrew. Whenever Travis sees him he says "hello, baby" and lays his head on him. Travis loves not being the bottom of the totem pole anymore.

Eric blew out Tanner's candles, so we let him try again. His smile at the end is priceless.

On Oct 24 we celebrated Eric's 4 year anniversary of when he was diagnosed with cancer. I can't believe that it was 4 years ago. It seems like forever ago. When Eric was first diagnosed we had no kids, and on his 4th anniversary with have 4 kids. It is so awesome how greatly we have been blessed. As I have thought about Eric and how much he means to me I become emotional just thinking about him. He is such an inspiration and example to me. He has taken the trials in his life and has allowed them to strengthen him and change him. I love that no matter how busy Eric may get, he is never too busy for anybody. Even when he has no time, he still takes the time to nurture relationships by taking the time to talk, return texts, returns calls, emails people, checks up friends, and still is the best Dad and Husband for us. I appreciate that about Eric. Last year I did a post on his Anniversary that has links to my favorite article and tv clip if anyone maybe interested in reading or watching. I am so grateful to be able to celebrate Eric's anniversary and what we have learned from that trial.

A friend of mine taught me how to take newborn pictures. I love how they turned out. She took a lot better ones with her fancy camera and I will post those when I get them. Andrew is such a sweet baby. I love his lips!


Winders said...

What a beautiful, happy family! I always smile when I read your posts :)

Adam & Brandi said...

Yes he has very kissable lips! He is a very very very cute, adorable, sweet, precious baby. I am so happy for you. And I can't help but get all teared up when I read your blog. I love it-all your blessings.

Dara said...

So beautiful!!! Couldn't be happier for your family. Thank you for sharing you stories, many times I have cried reading them.

Shannon B said...

Precious pictures!!!! 4!! It DOES seem like forever ago, back in those Pullman days! You guys are incredible! Love ya!

HalnJess said...

I saw the family photo and went, wait, what 1,2,3,...4? So I had to catch up on the news!! CONGRATS! He is beautiful! I can't imagine how full your arms are right now! I love that your mom comes over in the mornings - that is the best help in the world!