Thursday, October 15, 2009

Andrew Josiah Nygard

Born October 12
7lbs 6oz 20.5inches

Here is the story about our exciting news.

Andrew's story starts on September 22. The kids and I were getting ready to go to the library and I got a call from our caseworker. He told us that a birth mom had picked us as the adoptive family. He said all the legal paper work was all signed and she was due on the 24th (2 days). While I was talking to Brad (our caseworker) I gmail chatted with Eric and told him everything. The birth mom didn't know what she was having. We were so excited. I wanted start getting everything ready, but it is hard to get your hopes up and get everything ready and have there not be a 100% chance of the placement happening. We told our families and we were excited to get more info. After birth mom's next Dr's appointment we found out the baby was a healthy baby boy. We started gathering all our baby clothes and stuff, thinking we would have a new baby by the weekend.

We didn't hear anything for a few days, and my sister and I had already signed up to run a half marathon around Green Bluff. It hurt, but it is cool to say we have run 13.1 now.

So after this weekend we heard from our birth mom again and found out that they changed her due date to October 6th. This happened to be the day that Eric's brother got home from his mission. I started planning what to pack and everything I would need if the baby was born while I was in Wenatchee. We didn't hear anything for at least a week, so I didn't know what to think. Her caseworker couldn't get a hold her and I decided to go to Wenatchee with the kids and not even worry about bringing anything for the baby with me. I was really glad to be in Wenatchee, instead of at home thinking about things too much. It was so fun to see Brandon. He served in the Long Beach, Spanish Speaking mission. Travis thought he was Eric. He kept on hugging him and calling him "Daddy."

Anyways, at the end of the week we heard from Brad that they can't get a hold of her and that she missed her doctor's appointment. So, we didn't know if she already had the baby or what was going on. Eric came to town for Brandon's "homecoming" and went home Sunday night. We both thought that things had fallen through. I was planning on heading home to Spokane Monday morning after we got our windshield replaced. Our windshield hadn't got shipped, so the kids and I ended up needing to stay in Wenatchee until Tuesday.

So... I had just put the kids all down for naps and I got a call from Brad. He first said that I should sit down and then he said that our birth mom's case worker had just received a voice mail from her saying she was at the hospital in labor and wanted him to let us know. Brad had also spoke with the hospitals social worker and she had let Brad know that our birth mom was sure about placing. This was at 1:30ish and they said the nurses thought she'd have her baby around 8 or 9. Eric was going to get done with class at 3, and he was planning on leaving right then. I was going to leave once the kids got up from their naps so I could get there before 8.

So, I get a call from the hospital's social worker at 3 and she tells me that birth mom is pushing and we need to get there now. I threw a few things into my back pack and jumped in the car so I could get there as fast as possible. Eric has to grab the car seat, diapers, and clothes on his way out of town. I showed up at the hospital a little after 5 and went to the birthing center. (This happened to be the same hospital where Aubree was born and that brought back a lot of memories) As soon as the nurses found out who I was they grabbed my stuff and got Andrew into my arms. I sat and held Andrew till the nurses took me to our room. Our birth mom was still at the hospital but she didn't want to meet us. (When we adopted Aubs, I was scared of meeting our birth mom. Now that we have experienced adoption twice and have such a great/open relationship with our birth moms, I wanted to meet Andrew's mom so bad. I wanted to hug her and just meet her. It is such an awesome love that we have for our birth moms.) Eric got to town a half an hour after I did, and Brad was right behind him. Brad was able to go straight to our birth mom's room and meet with her. Brad came to our room after talking to our birth mom for a while. He said the first thing she asked was if we were with her baby. As soon as he told her we were with Andrew, she started crying. It was really important to her that Andrew was being held and loved. Brad said she cried for most of their visit. She told Brad that she had looked up adoption in the yellow pages and LDS Family Services was the agency she called. She didn't know what LDS stood for. When Brad told her we were "Mormon" she told him she had an aunt who was LDS. It is so cool that our birth mom blessed Andrew with an eternal family and she didn't even know it. We hope to be able to meet her someday soon. She is really special to us.

After spending the night at the hospital with Andrew, we got all of the paperwork signed and Eric was able to make it back to school and I headed back to Wenatchee to get the kids. The kids love their new brother. Aubree especially is the cutest. She can't get enough of Andrew. She is so good at holding him and burping him. Aubree is my own, personal nanny. It is wonderful.

This is probably more information than anyone wanted, but I wanted to get all the details down. Adoption is a miracle and we are so grateful to be blessed again by it.

I don't have any pictures because I left my camera in Wenatchee. I am sure I will make up for it soon. The video above is when the kids first met Andrew.

Andrew is a sweet little boy. He is still really sleepy, but when he is awake, he loves to look around. He is happy, healthy, and so loved.


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Jeni said...

Sounds like an amazing journey! We are so excited for you guys. Congratulations!

bowman family said...

what a whirlwind experience! That is an amazing story. We are so happy for you. Congratulations!!

The Osborns said...

You better believe I wanted all those details! Congratulations again! You guys are amazing!

Mower Family said...

Tears filled my eyes as I read your story. I'm so excited for you guys and I love all the details! I must say not many people can say they ran a half marathon and brought home a new baby at about the same time!! Love you guys!

The Schwecke Family said...

What an amazing story. It also brought tears to my eyes as I read little Andrew's story. Wow! Things are definately meant to be when they happen like that! Congratulations on a definate miracle addition to your family. What some lucky children to be loved by you two!

Karen said...

I loved hearing your story. I cried too. Babies are such miracles any way they come.

Waylon & Rachael said...

Congratulations! What a special family you have! How neat:)It is so cool to see Heavenly Father's hand in you life and family:)

MelissaR said...

What a neat story! I loved the video with your kids all together. The immediate love siblings have for each other is so special. Congrats!

Linda Bennion said...

Congratulations on this exciting news....not many moms run a 1/2 marathon a couple of days before they bring a newborn home....Way to go you two!!

Bowles said...

Congratulation on #4!!!! We are so happy for you guys. You are always my story of adoption and the amazing experience it can be. Andrew looks to be a sweet little guy. Keep the pictures coming. I am glad that the birth mom found LDS services and your family. A match made in heaven by divine guidance for sure.
Enjoy you new little guy!

the.orrs said...

Eric's Brother looks so much like Eric! I would have made the same mistake as Travis!

Congrats again on Andrew!

Christal said...

What an amazing story and family you have congrats!!! He's beautiful and you will be busy just the way we love it right!!

Woodrich Family said...

Congratulations! Thank you so much for sharing your another beautiful story of adoption and family!! You're amazing!!