Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life is wonderful!

This is life right now. It is awesome! Andrew is in his car seat.
Aubree is so helpful. If I have to chase after Tann and Trav, she will feed Andrew. She is getting really good at holding and maneuvering Andrew.

I went to cook something in the oven and found this melted to the oven racks. The kids are always "cooling" stuff off in the fridge and "cooking" their stuff in the oven. I had to remelt them a little to pry off the mini-muffin tin.

Love this picture. We were out raking the leaves in the afternoon and the kids found some apples in our garage. Trav has the cutest smile. Tanner would live in his Batman outfit if I let him. Aubree changes his clothes everyday during naps.
Best buds. I love the relationship that these two have. They are so special!
Andrew sleeping and I think I caught a half smile.
Aubree and Travis coloring together. Travis is so serious about his letters and coloring. He is constantly bringing me a paper and pen and asking me to write the letters. He knows all the letters and their sounds, and is now learning his numbers. I will have to post video of it soon. It is awesome.
Handsome Tanner. Tanner turns 3 on Friday. I can't believe it. He LOVES anything to do with Halloween.
I didn't even realize Trav didn't have shoes on till I just saw this picture.
Andrew with his eyes open. He is such a good baby and so cute!
My Mom has been coming over this week and hanging out in the mornings, so I can get on top of everything and get the house all in order. While the kids nap, I get to go work out and get groceries. I don't know what to do with myself during that free time. We have been blessed with great families who are so selfless and helpful to our family.


Ryan & Brooke said...

That is the cutest picture of Aubree and Andrew. So precious. You sure are lucky Jen!

Ryan & Brooke said...

That is the cutest picture of Aubree and Andrew. So precious. You sure are lucky Jen!

tara said...

Can I borrow Aubrey in about 3 months? :)

Jen, my eyes water every time I read your blog and see your kids interact. You can't help but know that all of those kids were supposed to have you guys as their way or another. It's so incredible. I know you cherish each one of them more than we'll ever know.

Adam & Brandi said...

Eric and Jenny, thank you for sharing your story and all these fun pictures. Andrew is an absolute DOLL! I can't get over how cute and precious he is. He's been blessed to have such wonderful parents. And you've been blessed to have such wonderful children-and cute at that!

Toby and Tammy said...

You make it look so easy!!! :)

I love that you guys are doing well and that Andrew is in your home. Yea for adoption! What a wonderful family you have.

We'll be home for Halloween and would LOVE to see you guys. Will you be around??

Your Favorite Friend said...

Congrats on your new angel baby!! What a blessed little spirit he is to get to go to such a loving family, and what a special spirit his birth mother is too. Wow, adoption is so miraculous and touching. My heart is full of joy for your family. You guys sure have so much love to give God's children. May He continue to bless your family in abundance and love!

Jen and Curt Noble