Sunday, May 3, 2009

On a Date

Eric and Aubree go on a "date" almost every other week, so this last week it was our turn to clean the church building and Eric used that as his date with Aubree. Eric was on his way home from work and Aubree hurried to get ready for her date. The picture above is how she dressed herself. She also had these weird,tall brown socks and her special Sunday shoes on. She is so cute! I love how she clipped bows onto the straps of her dress.
Travis is growing up too fast. It is so sad. He is almost 17 months and such a sweet boy. He is starting to talk a lot and wishes he could get around as fast as his brother and sister.

Tanner loves all bugs. He can spend hours outside looking for ants. It is really cute. He likes most bugs, but for some reason flies scare him.

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Army Petes said...

She looks like she dresses her self just about the same as her mother dresses all of her friends children.:)

HalnJess said...

Love that she dressed up for the date. Totally makes it worthwhile!! And I love the little plaid outfit Travis is wearing in your header. Cute, cute kids!