Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I found Tanner this backpack at a garage sale. He thinks it is pretty cool.
Travis was too quiet for a few minutes and this is how we found him.
I took some pictures of the boys before church and I wasn't able to get any cute ones of Trav cause he was so worried about his shoes. I love the ones of Tanner. He is SO cute!

Aubree with her "best friends" and cousins, Leah and Claire.

I found Aubs a witch costume and she has worn it since. Tanner wanted to be a witch too, so I put her tights on as his scarf.
We are doing good. Eric is done coaching the hurdlers at EWU and is getting ready to start dental school in less than 2 months. We are excited to move on with life. We will be moving from Cheney to Spokane at the end of June, and we look forward to being closer to family and close to the Riverpoint Campus.

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