Sunday, May 31, 2009

Loads of Pictures!

Eric is going to be starting school in two months, so we are trying to take advantage of having him around. We decided to take the kids camping. They loved it. Tanner ended up being covered with dirt.
As soon as Eric got the tent up, Aubree asked if she could go to bed. The kids played in the tent forever. When it was finally time for them to go to sleep Aubree decided it was too dark and she didn't want to go to sleep. She kept asking if it was morning yet. It is fun to all be snuggled in a tent, but none of us slept very good. Tanner kept waking up saying he was stuck. I don't know what he was stuck in.
Travis loved his little camping chair. His smile makes me melt.
Man, he's cute! Love him! Eric is so wonderful! I don't have enough pictures of him on here.
Tanner roasting his hotdogs. I think there are even less pictures of me.
Tanner came upstairs at my parents house covered in lotion.
There's a water park behind my parent's house and the kids love it.
Love this picture of Aubs and Tan under the water bucket. It is cold water. They are a lot braver than I would be.

Eric's little brother Blake had his "farewell" this last Sunday and goes into the MTC on Wednesday. He will be serving in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Blake is going to be such an awesome missionary. We will miss him a lot. Aubree will especially miss his body slams.
Aubree and Tanner with their cousin Maycie before church in Wenatchee.
Beautiful Aubs. Whenever she wants me take pictures of her, she always does a face like this. She is so cute and growing up too fast.
Handsome Tan.

Model Trav. I wish it was in better focus.Eric's little brother, Brian, running at HS regionals.

Tanner doing his chores.


The Osborns said...

What a blessing you have this summer to have Eric home with your little family!! Looks like you guys aren't going to waste any time!!

tara said...

I get such a kick out of your kids! They are so funny. I love the pictures your camera takes - they are so crispy. What kind do you have? Happy summer!!!

Ryan & Brooke said...

How far does the Milwakee mission cover? We will be moving to an hour and a half to the north east from there. Our branch only has 25 memebers, so just maybe Eric's brother will be spending some time there. We will be sure to feed him if he comes that way!

Mower Family said...

What great pictures. I love the little lotion picture. He looks so proud of himself.

Trevor and Holly said...

What a buch of CUTE kiddo's!! Have a great summer!! Are you going to the ten year reunion?